Saturday, April 23, 2005

Under Your Personal Belief System

I saw this item in a couple of spots today and thought it would be worth sharing for the sheer ludicrousness of it all, especially since it really got my ire up. The Washington Times Valerie Richardson reports(click link for full text):

"Altered Pledge of Allegiance stuns students"
DENVER -- The students in Vincent Pulciani's seventh-grade class were reciting the Pledge of Allegiance this week when they heard the voice over the intercom say something they'd never heard before, at least not during the Pledge.

Instead of "one nation, under God," the voice said, "one nation, under your belief system."

The bewildered students at Everitt Middle School in Wheat Ridge never even got to "indivisible," according to Vincent's mother, Christina Pulciani-Johnson.

"He came home and told me about it after school, and he said, 'I just stood there, Mom. I didn't even know what to do. We all just stood there and didn't even finish it,'" Mrs. Pulciani-Johnson said, quoting her son.

Margo Lucero, the eighth-grade guidance counselor at the school, substituted the phrase "under your belief system" as she led the recitation of the Pledge on Wednesday.

After irate phone calls poured in from parents, Principal Kathleen Norton, who normally leads the Pledge but was out of the building at the time, apologized to students Thursday and sent home letters of apology yesterday.

Meanwhile, Jefferson County School District spokesman Rick Kaufman was engaged in damage control, describing Miss Lucero's decision to rewrite the Pledge as "inappropriate" and stressing that she had acted independently, without consulting the district or other school officials.

Mr. Kaufman said Miss Lucero had been spurred by the date, April 20, the sixth anniversary of the Columbine High School slayings. Both Columbine and Everitt are within the Jefferson County school district.

Parents said Miss Lucero had been slated to leave Everitt at the end of the year, and Shelley Pierce, whose daughter is in seventh grade, said it appeared that the counselor was clearing out her office.

This reminds me somewhat of Morghanne Q.E. Wolfe-Slattery, Euphorian of Garage Logic fame, but it would probably be funnier if it weren't true. There is no "Right not to be Offended", but I'm not going to try to get an ultra-liberal judge to find that right in the Constitution so that I won't be offended by the sheer lunacy of all of this. I'm sure you could probably get "Right to Make an Ass Out of Yourself" out of the First Amendment, and I'm proud to be an American watching people exercise that right.

To remedy to possiblility of the Pledge of Allegiance being objectionable to some, Billy Jones has taken the liberty of revising it:
"I pledge some occasional recognition
to the symbols of oppression
of the diverse indigenous peoples of the landmass referred to by oppressive European conquistadors as "America"
and to the totalitarian theocracy for which it stands,
a Balkanized patchwork of cultures,
under each individuals' personal belief system
divided into innumerable unique communities of culture,
where some are more equal than others.

Who besides this soon-to-be jobless "guidance" counselor thinks this is a good idea? Even the most "I'm-retarded-for-Kerry" people I know wouldn't think this was remotely appropriate. Do I just do a good job avoiding raving, frothing-at-the-mouth lunatics?

Why the need to make the implicit explicit all the damn time? What is this desire to ensure that we are always obvious in our speech and manner about being all-inclusive? The supposed "tolerant" among us have no tolerance for discipline, common sense, strength or personal responsibility. If that's tolerance, then color me intolerant.

News flash, people are different. Thank you, drive through.



Blogger Razafraggin bloody well said...

Yep, there is no reason to change the pledge. If your god were of a religion other then christian, would he/she/it still be a god? If so the pledge would not change, if not then you can replace god with the name of the deity of your choice or just not participate at all.

31 May, 2005 11:06  

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