Friday, April 01, 2005

What's All This?

It's been brought to my attention that it may not be clear what this blog is about. Well, I don't know if a blog actually has to be about anything, but I did start this one with a theme in mind.

People Covered In Fish is generally my blog about things that vex me. I swear I am not constantly vexed, but I have my days. The title is a reference to the book "Good Omens" by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, where there are four Horsemen (in a manner of speaking) of the apocalypse named after things that really bother them. Or something like that; it's been a while since I've read it, since I keep lending out my copy and never seeing it again (I believe I lent my fourth copy to my sister, hopefully she'll return it). I highly recommend it. As you can see, I can be a bit of geek. There's more where that came from at my LiveJournal, but I digress.

I have a tendency to be mainly bothered by current events and political things these days, so that is my main focus. However, I've got a backlog of about seven different topics I want to post on that I haven't had time to put together for various reasons. One is the constant stream of annoying news items, and another is real life, because unlike good folkls like Charles, Michelle and many others to numerous to name, I can't pundit (can I use that as a verb?) for a living. As the info says, I'm a an officer in the United States Navy, so that is first and foremost. Remember that ALL opinions expressed on this blog are those of myself in my private capacity and not as a representative of the DoD, DON, or any particular element of the Navy. By viewing this site you accept and agree to this disclaimer in the use of any information accessed in this website. I'm on shore duty right now, which give me time to do this, but once I'm back at sea next summer, I expect posting will become significantly less frequent. I also have a pregnant wife who doesn't like me spending too much time on the computer and come May, I'll be busy parenting as well.

So feel free to peruse and critique. Comments are welcome as long as you are considerate. Name-calling will be deleted without warning, because I don't have time for that kind of immaturity. I don't mind disagreement as long as people are willing to engage in well thought out debate and to try not to be shrill. Critiques and tips on site design are welcome, too. I'm trying new things and still getting used to CSS.

So, share and enjoy!


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