Thursday, November 17, 2005


I saw this link on Power Line today: Korean Reds Targeting Christians. Here's another 50-year-old struggle that is going to come to a boiling point sooner or later. It seems as though, like the Soviet Union, North Korea should have just fizzled out by now. Funny, you don't see people carrying signs around that say "Free North Korea" or something to the effect that the destitute citizens of North Korea ought to be free. If we had to invade, I would predict mass surrenders like we saw in Iraq. Unfortunately, I think the leadership is much more unstable than Iraq's was... and that's saying quite a bit.

It is my personal opinion that without China on its side, North Korea will fold like a paper airplane (appropriate, for a paper tiger) should we decide to bust up the party over there. I'm surprised we've tolerated this regime for as long as we have, listen:

May 1967 - NK intruders set off explosives in 2nd Infantry Barracks - 2 US killed

1968 - 17 US killed in 181 serious incidents along the DMZ

Jan 1968 - USS PUEBLO seized in international waters

Apr 1969 - USN EC-121 shot down by 2 NK MiGs 90 miles off east coast of NK. 31 US killed.

Aug 1976 - NK guards kill 2 US in "tree trimming incident"
(Thanks for above info goes to BGB at

They've in a constant state of tepid war with one of our closest allies and 600,000 Korean soldiers died in the original conflict according to US estimates. The total including all civilians and military soldiers from UN Nations and China, was over 2 million deaths. More than a million South Koreans were killed, 85% of them civilians. We just drew a line and called time out. Hasn't this gone on long enough?


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