Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Because they're round?

Why do people get all worked up over numbers with zeroes in them? For example, I will be twenty-ten in April. I'm getting a few gray hairs, and new hairs on the back, but 30 is just a damn number. It's an arbitrary number of years which media and pop culture insist I start feeling morbid about.

We've seen a lot of this around the 1000th and 2000th U.S. servicemember deaths in Iraq. Oh, it wasn't important when only 1999 of us were dead, but journalists salivated over the column-inches those 2000th death stories would fill for weeks as they counted down to the big two-oh-oh-oh. Spare us the macabre tallying of lives lost. Why not try to figure out how many lives have been saved?

The same goes for the 1000th death penalty execution. Fox News reports today that the pinko chief executive wannabe governor of Virgina has commuted Robin Lovitt's sentence. I am completely unaware of the details of the case, but is it remotely possible that Governor Warner's interest in poor Mr. Lovitt has something to do with his dreams of occupying the White House and not wanting to be associated with the 1000th execution while running as a Democrat? Is it unfathomable to think he'd never make it past the primaries? Way to milk the drama, Mr. Warner.

I am unfortunately not wearing my tin foil hat right now, but I think I'm safe. It's no more idle speculation than occurs in the press every day, and I readily admit it has no basis in fact. I just thought this obsession with zeroes was worth noting.

UPDATE: More on weightier matters at RedState

A side note: I've been wanting to comment on the President's address today and particularly President John F'in Kerry's response to it. I missed President Bush's speech entirely, but have a nine-page printed copy sitting next to me... as well as two unread Wall Street Journals and this week's Economist. I heard a bit of Kerry's response at the gym today, rolled my eyes and made a snyde comment about some hypocritical navel-gazing statement he made, then turned on the MP3 player and rocked out to Marylin Manson. Oh, yeah. There was other music on there, too, but that one got me going. My point, and I do have one, is I have no idea what anyone said today. If you want to know what's keeping me busy this week, try taking this test. I have to ace it on Friday.


Blogger Rebekah bloody well said...

I agree with you. What's the big deal with 2000? I guess it makes a nice number to say(over and over again) but hundreds of thousands died in single battles in WWII.
Just goes to show how much the media focuses on nothing but numbers and how high they are.

And what about that 1999th casualty?

01 December, 2005 13:31  
Blogger Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret. bloody well said...

Kerry's been proven to be irrelevant to any reasonable conversation, so he'll continue to bleat whatever his puppet master Kennedy anally spoonfeeds him.

He lost by 4 million votes, and cannot accept reality.

Mr. F'n Kerry can go cry his bleatings in private while he still licks his wounds. (figuratively speaking. There's NO WAY he got 3 purple hearts in action in 3 months)

Any real man would have shut up and gone onto other things by now.

Color him GONE.

Merry Christmas

Hey, matey, are you an X division guy?

01 December, 2005 17:37  

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