Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fantastic! Incredible! Holy Hellfire, Tell Us About It!

This morning I picked up on the Newsmax article New Documents Reveal Saddam Hid WMD, Was Tied to Al Qaida.

You don't say? Funny, I'm getting some deja vu, like I've had this theory before or something. Newsmax means to say that while were spend months rattling our sabre with one hand and stroking the U.N. with the other, Hussein and his goons were getting rid of the evidence? Gasp! Shock! Who could ever have suspected that giving Hussein a huge headstart would give him time to cover his tracks and play innocent and foster sympathy in the world community(except for the whole torture and bribery thing, which doesn't matter because the rest of the world is already sympathetic to that).

I just can't believe that a quiet beautiful country that kept to itself, a veritable Shangri-La, would have attempted to not only obtain weapons of mass destruction, but subsequently attmpt to hide them from the evil United States. Surely Bush dreamed up the supposed imminent threat!

Well, it's a start. If Bush and his administration's admonishment of the opposition for attempting to rewrite history doesn't stop the "BUSH LIED!" chorus, surely any information that comes to light from the recently recovered documents will quell the static. I'll be following this story, savoring the clarity of vision that common sense brings.

EDIT: Occam's Razor. That was the term I was looking for. The rule of philosophical simplicity: the philosophical and scientific rule that simple explanations should be preferred to more complicated ones, and that the explanation of a new phenomenon should be based on what is already known


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