Thursday, November 10, 2005

God Bless Tom Harkin

I have Iowa Senator Tom Harkin to thank for a chance at a free subscription to Rush Limbaugh's 24/7 website. Oh, yeah, I know; it's not kosher to admit that you like Rush. Well, sometimes I tune him out, but I find him pretty entertaining most of the time. He does inspire me to go learn all I can about certain topics when he brings them up, as do other talk shows and blogs.

Yesterday, he talked about the fact that he was the subject of an hour of debate on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Senator Harkin is concerned with "the fact that there is no commentary on the service that would even begin to balance the extreme right-wing views that Rush Limbaugh routinely expresses on his program." Well that's far from a fact. Many of you may not have had the opportunity to listen to AFRTS Radio, but less than one hour of Rush Limbaugh is not equal to one whole channel devoted to NPR 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An the channel that Rush is on also broadcasts NPR shows. Check the schedule and see how many other conservative talk show hosts you can find. I looked and found not a single one, but I've been wrong before.

The Honorable Senator Harkin is so afraid of Rush that he thinks that the entire NPR line-up doesn't balance an hour of his show? Gee manetley. Well, yes actually that is what he thinks, because he insists that NPR is completely unbiased while Rush preaches extreme right wing ideology to his legions of zombie dittoheads.

I suppose you could drop Hint From Heloise or Kim Komando or Outdoor Trivia or any of the other junk that AFRTS packs its schedule with and maybe broadcast a little Al Franken or Rhandi Rhodes. Hey, they're mainstream, right? Have you ever listened to them? No probably not, since they have essentially zero maket share. But we must inflict them on the troops in the name of fairness! It doesn't matter what this nation's soldiers or sailor want, does it, Senator? Only that your views are shoved down as many throats as possible.

When did the definition of "mainstream" come to mean "agrees with the Democrats", anyway? I suppose when the blogs started refering to newspapers and TV as the Mainstream Media? Well, if that's mainstream, consider me wading in the shallows on the right bank.

But I digress. As a result of Harkin's skewed perspective, Rush has started an Adopt-A-Soldier program (and Sailor/Marine/Airman, where applicable). People can go to Rush's website and donate one or multiple subscrpitions to eligible servicemembers so they can listen to Rush whenever they want. To be eligible, all a servicemember has to do is go to Rush's website on Monday, 14 November, and sign up for a donated subscription. They'll be given out on a first-come-first-served. Guess what I'm doing on Monday?

UPDATE: More on this over at Radio Equalizer. What servicemember wants to listen to crazy people go on tirades about how evil the things are that we are doing? Balance or no, these jokers do nothing for morale; they only set us back in our efforts to do our job. This Ed Schultz character is no progressive. This is the only progressive I know. But without all that bad eugenics and teetotaling.



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