Sunday, November 27, 2005

Goodnight Reality

Time for a story of revisionist history, courtesy the author of "Goodnight Moon", Peter Cowdin. (Hat Tip Michelle Malkin)

Cowdin started the website Goodnight Reality, in response to publisher Harper Collins' decision to doctor a photograph inside the book of illustrator Clement Hurd to remove a cigarette from his hand.
The company defends the altered photo. Kate Morgan Jackson, editor-in-chief for HarperCollins Children’s Books, said the company contends the issue is about smoking.
"One of our responsibilities is to make sure we are publishing" the book "the right way throughout the ages and making it healthy for every generation," she said.

The fact is that it's Big Brotherism at it's most subtle. Oh sure, a little cigarette today, no one will notice. Ever notice how you never see anyone smoke in films or on TV anymore? Perhaps we'll go back and remove the cigarettes from Casablanca next. Better yet, lets make sure we never show the 1976 remake of King Kong because the Ape climbs the World Trade Center. Actually, why don't we go back into all film that use footage from New York City pre-9/11 and digitally erase the World Trade Center from them. Wouldn't want to dredge up the trauma of that awful day, would we? Sound far-fetched? Does it really?

I'm no advocate of smoking, heck, I've never been able to pick up the habit, myself. That doesn't mean that I think it's OK to ban a perfectly legal drug from bars and restaurants and treat smokers as second-class citizens, or erase cigarettes from old photographs. The truth is that, even though something that was accepted or prevalent in our society isn't any longer, it doesn't mean that we should forget it ever happened or try to erase all traces of evidence that it ever did. Embrace the fact that yesterday happened and try to make things better tomorrow.



Blogger TexasFred bloody well said...

OK, Great blog... Even if it IS written by a Squid Officer...

I have you linked at my place now...

God help you...

And THAT is MY Opinion... by TexasFred

American Conservative Forums ®

27 November, 2005 17:42  
Blogger Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret. bloody well said...

Exactamundo! Hammer head hits nail squarely again. One of the reasons I love New Hampshire: You can smoke wherever you like (within reason), no seat belt or helmet laws, no mandatory insurance for cars (you want insurance, you buy it), no sales tax or income tax.

When I'm 62, that will be my primary residence in some Old Fart's home, and the second home will be here in NY.

I'm a reformed smoker, and smoking's verboten in my house, but I'll not foist my non smoking views on others if I'm not at home.

Mark Twain said "There's nothing worse than an exsmoker or a new Christian".

27 November, 2005 18:59  
Blogger The Exile bloody well said...

The Soviet Communists airbrushed Leon Trotsky out of pictures after he fell out of favor back in the '30's.

The Left never has a problem with revising history.

I'm thinking of quitting smoking just so I can preach its evils to people who still smoke, but then I remember the pleasure that it gives me in pissing off the Lefties around here.

I'll get a link up to you ASAP.

27 November, 2005 22:49  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

You probably saw that the Trotsky pictures are also on the Goodnight Reality site. I think that's a telling quality of leftist philosophy: It's unnatural, therefore must be forced upon people.

Thanks in advance for the link-up!

01 December, 2005 12:41  

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