Friday, November 11, 2005

A Hollywood Republican's Observation

Interestingly, after yesterday's rant, I revisited Pat Sajak's blog, which he hasn't updated since July, unfortunately. I thought he had a neat perspective on the whole Air America flop:
As someone who has been involved in a TV project or two which went largely unnoticed, I think I can answer the question. Conservative radio succeeds, in great measure, because a major segment of the population perceives a need for it. There is no need for mass media with a Liberal slant, because it is already all around us. When I did a late-night talk show on CBS more than 15 years ago, we modeled it after Johnny Carson’s show on the supposition that he was about to retire. He didn’t, and people went right on watching him. Heck, I watched him. Putting aside any talent deficiencies I might have had, there was no need for Pat Sajak when Johnny Carson was there.

Free market capitalism, the liberal's worst enemy.

I forgot to wish Mr. Sajak at happy belated birthday, by the way. (October 26th!)



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