Saturday, November 12, 2005

Keep Out Of Our Way, We'll Defend America

I'm all for alternate points of view as long as they can be backed up by fact. I also let it slide if someone has an alternate point of view and has no way of backing it up, if I like them otherwise. I'm a pretty reasonable guy and I don't like letting little things get in the way of friendships.

I owe no such consideration to the moonbats at CODEPINK who claim that the best way to Support Our Troops is to pull them out of Iraq:
This November 11, as we honor the sacrifice and courage of our veterans, let us recognize that the best way to support our troops is to call for their swift exit from Iraq, to guarantee them the care they deserve when they return, and to make policy changes that will stop us from ever again rushing into a reckless, oil-hungry war.

Sure, there are setbacks, just as there are victories. Do all Iraqis want America in their country? No, but I'd be willing to bet that most of them were people who benfitted from the thugocracy of the last thirty years. Are we going to get Iraqi oil out of the deal? Sure! Everybody will be able to buy it now that it's back on the market, not just the countries that want to ignore U.N. sanctions and recieve kickbacks from Oil For Food. The answer to these people (as it seems to be with all issues, you have to admire their consistency) is to coddle and shield people from all possible harm, admit defeat, and baselessly attack anyone who doesn't agree with them. And blame Karl Rove. (Or was it Dick Cheney? Have I mentioned the name of my next ship is the USS Halyburton?) We should provide servicemen and their vehicles more armor than they can efficiently carry. We should pull them out of the Middle East immediately so that all they have fought for goes to waste. We should manufacture personal plights and atrocities when we can't find anything real with which to damage the civilian leadership. We should convince the soldiers to turn on their officers.

"A reckless war"? Why is the U.N. put on a pedastal by these people, but when the U.S. tries to back the U.N.'s bloviation and pretend like it actually has some authority, suddenly President Bush is the bad guy. Twelve years of thumbing his nose at the world and finally someone wants to do something about it, and we're the bad guys? That's OK, everybody hates visionaries - people who believe in something larger than themselves and take action to achieve that vision. Hate all you like, just remember that free speech doesn't mean anyone has to listen.

The purpose of our all volunteer military is to go and fight so that the rest of the citizens of this country don't have to. These people have forgotten what were doing, or couldn't figure it out in the first place. We're changing the world, making it a better place to live. It will be a long, uphill battle between ideology and ideas. This war started in 1948 and it took the US 58 years to start fighting back. Talk is cheap, but it's easier than picking up a rifle and standing a watch, isn't it?

A serviceman's job is to defend to the death these people's right to continue to say what they say. I'll die for my country, but I'd rather make the other bastard die for the broken 1000-year-old philosophy of death and misery he's fighting for.

UPDATE: Dr. Sanity revisits Charles Krauthammer's Bush Derangement Syndrome, an appropriate segueway from the above.



Blogger Rebekah bloody well said...

Just wanted to let you know: my blog readers and I have come to a decision - our counter to the Liberal movement to "wear black" and "wear red" on Fridays "until our troops come home", will be "Operation Green shirt/ Yellow ribbon".

On Fridays, to show our support for the troops AND their mission, we will wear green, and to show our hope for them to come home safe, soon, and victorious, we will also wear a yellow ribbon on our lapel or around our wrists.(pictures at my site soon) Please spread the word any way you can! Thanks in advance.

13 November, 2005 19:28  

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