Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Liberality For All

This was news a couple of weeks ago, but I'm mentioning it now because I got my copy of "Liberality For All" yesterday and read it last night.
PR Web says:
Liberality For All is an eight-issue comic book mini-series of a dystopia where the oppressors are doves, not hawks. While this action-packed, patriotic knee-in-the-groin to the embodiment of the ultra-left is a blatant satire of liberalism, it still asks significant questions about the end result of liberal political policies.

That's the most unbiased summary I've read. Reading the book, I thought the action was a bit confusing; G. Gordon Liddy is magically jumping a motorcycle all over the place, while Sean Hannity is broadcasting his pirate radio show in New York City while U.N. peacekeeping troops are trying to track him down. The story is really interesting, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest. The art was OK, but probably nothing a comic connoisseur would get worked up over. I find the concept of an Orwellian cyber-punk ultra-liberal society interesting. This book is a different type of satire, and certainly the idea of liberal ideas getting out of control isn't original. (PCU, anyone?) I think it would've been better as a one-shot graphic novel, with the possibility of other issues following once in a while. It raises interesting questions about what oppression is, what if we had stayed the course we were on in the 1990's, and is generally pretty imaginative.

I don't think for minute it could really happen, America joining a world government run by the U.N. or persecution of people for holding certain political beliefs - not in the U.S., anyway. I don't think Sean Hannity's comic doppelganger looks a thing like the real one, bionic arm and eyepatch notwithstanding. I do think something like this has been a long time coming; whenever you see story involving a futuristic Orwellian post-apocalyptic society in film or print, the implied and occasionally explicit conclusion is that conservatives/corporations took over and oppressed everybody. Please, someone prove me wrong here. I'm thinking of Escape From New York, Escape From L.A., Tank Girl, Dark Angel, the Terminator Trilogy, the Alien Quadrilogy, Brazil, movies like those. The only movies/TV shows I can think of where a liberal world government took over is Star Trek and everything turned out more or less OK there. Unless you're Maquis.

So I'm interested enough in Liberality For All to probably follow the series and see the whole story arc. Taken with a grain of salt, I think it could be an interesting story, but in the long run, I'll probably stick with Superman.



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