Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Now I've Gone And Spent All My Outrage

I appear to be behind the power curve here about the Cheney "X" thing. I noticed what looked like scribbles over the white text on the screen before, but thought it was a bad picture or part of the prank. I've done a little bit of public access TV production and figured that someone was just having fun and only meant for the graphic to be inside the control room, instead broadcasting it live. It tuns out it was indeed a glitch. The black scribbles are actually text that says "Transition begins after 5 frames of black". Just a technical marker of some kind.

I wasn't really outraged. Did I give that impression? On this end it was more of an eye-roll and a sigh, hopefully that was adequately conveyed. Good on more able elements of the blogosphere for doing the due diligence on this one. The Michelle Malkin post is a great example of what citizen journalists can do for America. It doesn't look like it took more than an hour to figure it out. I'm still working on my morning tea (trying to go without coffee today... wish me luck).

EDIT: Jeff Harrell sums it up nicely.



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