Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pot Calls Kettle Black

I turns out I do have a little bit to say about this House vote debacle. I had to go see Harry Potter first, which should be a clue as to how I feel about the subject. From MSNBC: House spurns calls for immediate Iraq pullout
Democrats accused Republicans of orchestrating a political stunt that prohibited thoughtful debate on the issue, and nearly all voted against the measure.

I got a laugh out of the above paragraph. Who is preventing thoughtful debate? I flipped on Hannity and Colmes last night while this was still going on, and two Representatives, a Republican and a Democrat (their names escape me), were going at it. The Democrat would not shut up or let anyone else talk. He talked over both the Republican and Hannity and spewed the usual predictable talking points including the popular, yet easily disproven "BUSH LIED".

So they voted 403-3 against the Republican-sponsored "Put Your Vote Where Your Mouth Is" bill; hardly a surprise. I have yet to read the text of the bill, so I have only heard the spin, in the interest of full disclosure. If there is any truth in advertising, the intent seems to have been to find out if the left really believed all the nonsense they spout about this conflict. What seems clear to me is that their memories don't go back much farther than 2003, which is when Rep. Murtha says terrorism began. For a short version of the history of our involvement in Iraq, check this post at the Mudville Gazette: A Brief History of a Long War. Mudville's perma link is acting a little wonky right now, so you may have to go to main page and scroll about halfway down. It's terrific summary of the events leading up to the Iraq War that are so easily forgotten by so many. As for terrorism... well, I'll save that for another post.


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