Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What Liberal Media? II

It looks like somebody at CNN is going to get fired. Drudge is reporting that
some jamoke flashed a big black "X" over the Vice President's face while he was giving his speech last night. It's not as though we haven't seen the man behind the curtain with the mainstream media ove rthe last couple of years, so why should this surprise anyone? Jane Fonda and Ted Turner were probably sitting home watching the broadcast and smiling mischeviously to themselves.

Cheney and the President are right to clarify their position on the out-of-control moonbattery, however belated it is. Unfortunately, the more they repeat themselves, the more the vulture pounce on them and twist their words. The questions from the press corps seems to focus around the insinuation that the White House is saying it's inappropriate or *gasp* unamerican to question and criticize the White House's motives. Hardly; in fact it's quite American to do exactly that! What doesn't seem to sink in, regardless how many times they repeat it, is that it is irresponsible of the dissenters and the press to lie, or report lies, about the Global War on Terror. It's nice gesture, but it hasn't had much effect on the tin foil hat crowd.

I didn't hear Cheney's speech last night, NBC didn't see fit to interrupt their bang-up Monday line-up for it, and I was perfectly happy watching Surface, Las Vegas and Medium. Medium was in 3-D last night, a cheesy sweeps gimmick. There was a brief message right before the show saying you need to sit 6-8 feet from the TV screen. Good grief! Who sits that close to the TV? I am the only one who watches the TV from across the room in my bed at 10 pm? The effect was pretty neat, though. I think the last time I saw something in 3-D was when I watched the original King Kong on TV as a kid.

I was a little disappointed with one cop-out; there's a scene, which was advertised, where a meat cleaver is thrown directly at the screen. It made me gasp, actually, it was quite real... except for the part at the very end of its arc where it reaches the screen and impossibly swoops off to the left. A casual viewer might not have noticed this, or know that it was deliberately done, but your faithful blogger does! TV networks feel that weapons being used directly at the TV screen are too violent or shocking. So they make the TV shows point them off to one side so they're not aimed directly at the viewer. The same thing was done with the opening credits of Sledge Hammer!, where Sledge says, "Trust me, I know what I'm doing," and fires his .357 Magnum. The gun was originally pointed straight at the screen, but the network made the show change it so it was fired a bit to the side and, consequently, much more cheesy-looking.

I am a cornucopia of useless knowledge. You're welcome!



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