Saturday, December 10, 2005

Accuse a Little, Lie a Little, Obfuscate a Little, Pontificate a Lot

That's sort of a butchered reference to the gossip scene in The Music man, sorry.

Somebody get a memo to John Kerry, quick! Dude, you lost!

The only plan the so-called leaders of the Democrat Party seem to have is to criticize the President while attempting to deflect any requests for their brilliant plan by either saying they would do exactly what the President is doing or blustering, "Well, I'm not the President!"

So John Kerry gave a speech that was not broadcast, although there were members of the media there. The non-broadcast speeches are usually where these people show their true colors, but thanks to Ira Stoll of the New York Sun you get to see the high points of the speech instead of having to wade through the whole thing and try to stay awake. (TFHT: James Taranto).

He spouts more fo the same milquetoast criticism of President Bush's polices, ignoring the success and highlighting preceived failure, continuing to demonstrate a remarkable lack of vision and forward-thinking; qualities that a person would look for in... oh, a presidential candidate, perhaps? Saying the president has failed does not make it true. Saying that the president has not taken the basic steps to make this country safer makes me wonder just what those basic steps are, if they haven't been taken yet? What new ideas to you have to contribute to the public discourse, Mr. Kerry?
So this is the long range mission in the war on terror:

*one, make sure the right side wins the war of ideas within the Islamic world;

*two, build up diversified economies and civil society;

*and, three, end the empire of oil.

You and your fellow democrats, including Crazy Howie, have said they would do exactly what President Bush has done, except for taking the military out of the equation. They would also set up a tent without a center pole, so it seems. Build a ship without laying the keel? You get the idea. Which side do you suppose is the "right side," anyway?

A bit of irony, as well:
We have to pay greater attention to how our words and deeds are understood in the Middle East, because our good intentions are doubted by the very people the terrorists seek to turn against us.

Does that sound familiar to you?

If you want to read the transcript of John F'in Kerry's remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations, go here. Never let it be said he was taken out of context. And Stoll does have some nice things to say about Kerry at the end of his article, believe it or not:
For all the grating negativity, it needs to be said in Mr. Kerry’s defense that it takes a certain amount of gumption to keep going on in the public arena after a defeat, rather than retreating to the comfort of one of his mansions or to the Kennedy School of Government or the land of American Express commercials or Viagra ads a la Michael Dukakis or Robert Dole.

And it needs to be said, too, that Mr. Kerry is hardly the worst that his party has to offer. Rather than deriding the growth of democracy in Iraq, he said yesterday that he thinks the upcoming election there “is going to be a momentous event, an important event.” He said a total American withdrawal in Iraq in the next month or two would “endanger our interests,” and he said that if it were up to him, there would still be tens of thousands American troops in Iraq a year from now.

Mr. Kerry concluded his speech with an appeal to President Bush “to put a little more Harry Truman in his foreign policy.” Mr. Kerry, in an allusion to Mr. Bush, said that Truman was “another president who prided himself on simple virtues and unshakable resolve.”

Mr.Kerry praised Truman for presiding over “the greatest era of bipartisan, multi-lateral foreign policy our country or the world has ever seen.” Well, that is one thing he is known for, and that is what Mr. Kerry seemed to be speaking of when he asked Mr. Bush to be more like Truman. But Truman is also known for ordering the use of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And for leading America into a Cold War that lasted two generations. Mr. Kerry didn’t mention either of those aspects of Truman’s legacy.

The more Mr. Kerry droned on earnestly, the more convinced this listener became that it is George W. Bush, not John F. Kerry, who is Truman material. President Bush may not be winning any popularity contests at the moment, but he won the election, and there is nothing like sitting and listening to Mr. Kerry talk for an hour to remind Americans why.

In my humble opinion, these people need to stop playing politics with people's lives and start coming up with solutions. The Republicans aren't perfect, but at least they have a plan and realistic perspective. The Republicans need an opposition part with viable, reality-based ideas to keep them in check. People vote for Democrats because they present an unrealistic, but really nice view of the world. Everybody would get along if only they were in charge, just like when Bill Clinton was in the White House and all we had to worry about was who he was boning that day and that pesky hole in the ozone layer. Right?

In a perfect world, all the moonbats and others who haven't clue how the real world works would break away and form their own political party, so we could easily pick out the chaff. Then the folks with realistic ideas, the leaders who want to be truly transformational, could tune them out like the Libertarians (unfortunately) and Communists are tuned out. Unfortunately, in order to be taken seriously, people like John Kerry need to leech on a popular political party; where else can you make it look like you're fighting for the little guy while simultaneously doing everything they can to keep the little guy completely dependent upon them.



Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox bloody well said...

Very well said!!! I loved these lines from the article. "President Bush may not be winning any popularity contests at the moment, but he won the election, and there is nothing like sitting and listening to Mr. Kerry talk for an hour to remind Americans why." I also liked your sentence where you said, "In my humble opinion, these people need to stop playing politics with people's lives and start coming up with solutions."

I too listen to Kerry and just thank and praise God that he didn't win. I think W is a lot like Truman and Truman didn't care about polls either. And yet he is probably my favorite democrat president of recent years.

12 December, 2005 20:24  

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