Saturday, December 03, 2005

And I Still Can't Get My Feet Warm

Activists Gather for Climate Change Marches

Oh, sure it's anecdotal evidence, but with my heat currently being broken with the onset of New England winter, I'm experiencing a bit of... let's say cognitive dissonance. I used to go camping in the middle of the winter in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area; we'd cross-country ski out onto Moose Lake, shovel off a spot on the ice and sleep out under the stars. I couldn't keep my feet warm then, either.

Compare the Associated Press story linked above to the Fox News story about the same event.

If somebody can show me a study that says global warming causes acne or hangnails, perhaps I'll make an idiotic sign and march around in a circle with it. Even if the earth is getting warmer, God forbid (as I lie under a flannel comforter and a quilt my grandmother made), no one can prove man, oh yes, man, caused it. Our existence has taken up such a short space of time on this world, and in just 150 years we've managed to completely screw it up, simultaneously melting the polar ice caps, and putting us on track for the next ice age.

I've got a theory. Man's special talent, the reason we have thrived as a species, is because of our special talent for shaping our environment to suit our needs while other animals must change to survive in their environment. If we were designed to build, to shape, to create, then why is it bad for the planet that we do so? Other life learns to live in the environments we create.

But feelings aside, there's not much real science to bacl this crap up. I know, I know, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is always saying this. Here's the deal, you can believe everything you're told, our you can do some of the legwork. Try Googling Bjorn Lomborg or checking out Junk Science for starters.

In the meantime, I think I'm going to put on some socks.


Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox bloody well said...

It amazes me how many people believe in global warming. It has become so politically correct to just accept it as fact.

05 December, 2005 12:21  

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