Friday, December 09, 2005

Can You Smell What The GOP is Cooking?

A touch-n-go for lunch today. Just perusing the news sites and saw the GOP's new white flag ad. Drudge quotes a Democrat strategist who says, “This is way over the top but we have no one to blame but Dean, Kerry and others who continue to pander to the anti-war activists within our party.”

It's a slap in the face, but it gave me chills, because it's exactly what I've been saying. Democrats: We can hear you. You do not exist in a vacuum. Why do you think 80% of us servicemembers voted or attempted to vote last year? We know that you do not have the intestinal fortitude for leadership, and if the great leaders of your party that preceded you could hear you now, they would be just as angry as I am.

I'd go on, but I just got a phone call that necessitate's cutting this short.

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Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox bloody well said...

Awesome, Awesome ad. I heard about this on Sean Hannity's show today and just now saw it on Neil Cavuto's show. It's about time!!

10 December, 2005 01:02  

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