Friday, December 09, 2005

Failure: When Your Best Just Isn't Good Enough

Victor Davis Hanson has yet another brilliant essay today on the implosion of the Democrat Party. There's some great insights on Vietnam and lessons that we should've learned from it. Tangentially, here's the part that makes me proud to be a United States Naval Officer and politically conservative Amercian:

When Saddam was removed in a brilliant three-week campaign, few anticipated that the subsequent effort to craft democracy in his wake would evolve into a conflict for the very heart of the Middle East. Most feared that postbellum Afghanistan would be the harder task — given the wealthier and more secular nature of Iraqi society.

Instead the war, as wars almost always do, has morphed into something quite different than expected — a regional referendum on Lebanon, the future of Syria, reform movements in the Gulf and Egypt, about-faces in Pakistan and Libya, and continued pressure on a soon-to-be-nuclear Iran. And despite the heartbreak of 2,100 deaths, we are not just winning in Iraq, but on the verge of something far larger, and more permanent: not a return to the ancient caliphate or another dictatorship, but the real chance for the birth of a new Middle East that takes its place at last among responsible nations.

Affecting change in the Middle East has been what the Bush Doctrine and Global War on Terror have been all about from the start. Sure, it's about a lot of things; preventing another 9/11 type attack, for one, but it all boils down to changing that snake pit into a civilized region of the world. A classmate of mine put it well today: "A country with a McDonalds has never attacked another country with a McDonalds." The oppression and totalitarianism of the countries in the region was spreading to other countries through Islamic extremism, in much the same way as communism. It is in America's interest to have a democratic Middle East with a free market economy.

So I guess we found the Democrats a new slogan, eh? One wonders why they haven't caught on yet, haven't they all been to college? Why, Dean's a doctor! I can't take credit, though. I've always loved Demotivators. Great for disaffected college students!

It's time to cook dinner, but you get the idea. The whole VDH article is worth your attention.

If you're curious about the phone call I mentioned in the last post, details are here.

Can You Small What The GOP Is Cooking?
Howard Dean's #1 Fan
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Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Little Miss Chatterbox said (but I accidentally deleted it):

The VDH article was very good. I was so encouraged when I heard George Will saying today that the Democrat party had a very bad week. Its about time.

Sorry about your baby news. I will be praying but the advice your fellow Live Journal buddy gave sounds right. Hang in there.

10 December, 2005 08:04  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

I'm begninning to think comment moderation is too much work, but I see the garbage that appears on other people's blogs when they don't moderate. So, I accidentally deleted you last post, sorry.

No worries, LMC. I was extremely worried at the time because I had no idea what it was or what the consequences could be. After zulupetalz' response and a little research, I felt much better. But Red sounded worried when she called me, and didn't really explain - when she got home, she was fine.

As for the Democrats, this is nothing new; it just that now the GOP is finally throwing it back at them. Mocking them with their own words. I think it's dead-on, too. They sound like they're making sense when they say these thing to people who don't follow politics as closely as people like you and me. Their "plan" for Iraq is exactly the same as the president's except for the whole recreation of the fall of Saigon thing - y'know, if you want to draw parallels between Iraq and Vietnam as though it's helpful or puts anything in context.

10 December, 2005 08:14  

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