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Objective Analysis

In my profile information, I mention that I know a bit about journalism. I did actually get a B.A. in Journalism at the University of Minnesota, freelanced for the Minnesota Daily, and did some radio news during my time as a volunteer DJ at Radio K. I know what it's like to have my stories edited into lies. I've seen journalistic bias first-hand.

The New York Times reports today that "The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee summoned top Pentagon officials to a closed-door session on Capitol Hill on Friday to explain a reported secret military campaign in Iraq to plant paid propaganda in the Iraqi news media. The White House also expressed deep concerns about the program."

'The White House expressed deep concerns?' Good grief, Mister Commander-in-Chief, sir! Stab-stab-twist-stab, eh? Thanks for nothing! Now, to be fair, folks, President Bush is, so far, the best CINC I've had (out of two, guess who the first one was). My quality of life is great right now, and I'm proud to be in the Navy and to have him (and the American people) as my boss, but it bothers me when the White House makes statements like this.

Has it occurred to the Honorable Senator John W. Warner that this is counter-propaganda? That Islamic extremism is ingrained in the culture in the Middle East, and Al-Qaeda is excellent at using it to recruit? Surely the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee would have some perspective here! Muslim children are taught to hate jews. Psy-Ops is not allowed to lie, because it will come back around to bite them, hampering war efforts after the fact. If you want to talk about forcing propaganda on people, lets talk about Eason Jordan admitting that CNN and other news organizations published propaganda from Saddam Hussein in order to be allowed to keep their bureaus in Baghdad. This is the same guy who tried to start the rumor that American soldiers were ordered to target journalists in Iraq.

I didn't think this story was going to take hold since it is (a) so mind-bogglingly hypocritical and (b) blatantly dishonest and detrimental to the war effort. I guess when you hit 'em square in the objectivity they get a bit indignant.

By the way, in case you were concerned, I did indeed ace my Nautical Rules of the Road test today (missed two out of 50 questions).

What Liberal Media Bias? III
Oh, Well That's Different.



Blogger The Exile bloody well said...

What's ironic is that the MSM thinks that it's honorable to get paid to tell lies, but dishonorable for the military to pay to get the truth out there.

I finally got a link up to ya.

Congrats on your exam.

02 December, 2005 22:00  
Blogger The Exile bloody well said...

I noticed the link to KSTP on your sidebar. I don't know how long you've been gone from Minnesota, but AM 1280 (The Patriot) has a couple of pretty good local show on Saturdays.

The first is Taxpayers League Live with the President of that group, David Strom.

After that, there's a show on with the guys from Fraters Libertas and Ed Morrisey from Captain's quarters. Also, Glenn Reynolds from Instapundit.

All of the best bloggers come from Minnesota, don't you think?

You should be able to get it over the net.

02 December, 2005 22:19  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox bloody well said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I've added you to mine as well.

03 December, 2005 00:05  
Blogger Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret. bloody well said...

Nautical Rules: Right, Red, Returning. Let's see.. hmm.. Right is Starboard, left is Port .. hmmm hmmm.

BOSUN'S WHISTLE INTERRUPTS:Tooowheeeeoooooohhhh. "This is the Captain speaking. Take her down 500 feet."
BOSUN: "But Captain, this is an aircraft carrier"
Captain: "Cancel that order!"

I can hear that dang whistle in my sleep. Just about every day or more,

If it was the hangar bay or flight deck, we started worrying. If the purple K started rolling out with the purple shirts hauling ass, we knew there was trouble.

Usually tho, it was an overheated motor bearing in a fan room. Whew.

Something you never forget. I berthed on the 0-3 level of the 3 birdfarms I floated around on, flight deck being the overhead. Just aft of Flag Country, the Number 3 wire and arresting gear was overhead, the gear down reel located in the EM head/shower on port side.

When you heard a jet approaching, add full power just as the wheels touched, if you were shaving with a blade, you stopped for a moment as the shock would cause a nick. Then the scream as the cable payed out, and the bird shut down from full power,(if it caught the wire and wasn't a bolter) then the draaagggggg of the cable backinto the gear, and then, 2 mins later, another recovery.

Not to mention the constant smell of JP 5 and bunker C from the boilers, in airconditioning that frequently malfunctioned.

Never was on a nuke boat, but I hear the duty there was a tad bit nicer, more room and of course, no oil scum and soot everywhere.

But I digress...Yes, the press are whores. And are pimped by liberals.
I've arrived in live camera trucks to cover political events, Protestors would assemble around the camera, the infobabe would do some ragassed report about the strikers, or whatever, and the mob would dissappear. Playing the press like a cheap accordian.

So what else is new, eh?

Congrats on the test. Remember, that little Sunfish has the right of way over the 100,000 ton aircraft carrier.

Wandering thru the sands of time tonight, and being verbose, I remain:


03 December, 2005 00:21  
Blogger Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret. bloody well said...

Radio, eh? Interesting. You in the PAO biz out there in the salty brine?

03 December, 2005 00:24  
Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden bloody well said...

12 02 05

Hey: I found your explanation of John McCain on Ms. Chatterbox's blog. Thanks so much for sharing that information and putting it in a language I can digest! I don't usually care too much about social issues, but I believe in strong fiscal conservatism. I didn't realize he had such anti free market sentiment. Uh oh, Thx for sharing. I will come by and visit your blog cuz I like what ya havta say:) Cheers and have a nice night!

03 December, 2005 03:43  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Mahndisa- Thanks, welcome aboard! It surprised me too, I was definitely for him in 2000, then again, most of the guys on my ship thought it would be neat, since we were on the USS John S. McCain, named after his father and grandfather. I bookmarked you a while ago, but I'm adding you to the blogroll in a minute.

P.D._ I was a collateral duty PAO, us tin can sailors don't have all those massive staffs of restricted line officers riding around with us. I'm a bonafide Surface Warfare Officer; I'm in Department Head School up here in Newport, going to and FFG Chief Engineer in Mayport.

Rules of the Roads is nothing I haven't done before. I think I do a quick post about my results, because it was kind of funny.

Exile - Thanks for the tip! I agree, it's the worlds best kept secret that all the best things come from Minnesota. The music scene has always been my favorite.

Chatterbox - no worries! Love your blog!

03 December, 2005 07:31  

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