Saturday, December 03, 2005

Saturday Night Live Takes A Shot At...

...the secularization of of Christmas tonight! The opening sketch is making fun of the NBC Rockerfeller Plaza Christmas tree lighting. Singing Christmas carols without religious references!

Silent night, regular night.... I'll try to get the transcript later.

Amazing, SNL was actually funny! I haven't watched in years, but heard Dane Cook was on tonight.

12:24 UPDATE: Turns out SNL isn't actually funny, sorry. Just the Dane Cook parts.

UPDATE 06 DEC: Since no one watches Saturday Night Live anymore, here you go!

Silent Night

Silent night, regular night
All is calm, all is bright
‘Round the fire, mother and child
Random infant, religiously neutral
Sleep in comfortable beds
Sleep in comfortable beds

Away in a Barnbox

Away in a barnbox
No bib for their lunch
The donkey and camel
On straw they will munch
The stars in the sky
Shine down ‘cuz it’s night
The lamb and that donkey
Just got in a fight

Tuesday Night

O Tuesday Night
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night to watch TV and play cards

Fall on your knees
And do a jigsaw puzzle
Just stay inside tonight
It’s half past nine
Just stay inside
Feelin’ fine


The Hallelujah Chorus
(sing it with me now, EVERYBODY!)

How ya doin’
How ya doin’
How ya doin’
How ya doin’



Blogger Mary Ann bloody well said...


That is too funny!

06 December, 2005 16:26  

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