Thursday, December 15, 2005

What Media Bias? IV


Check out the first two 'graphs of this AP story from Iraq:
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi voters faced tight security measures Thursday as they cast ballots in a historic parliamentary election the U.S. hopes will build democracy and lay the groundwork for American troops to withdraw.

A large explosion was heard in downtown Baghdad within minutes of the polls opening and sirens could be heard inside the heavily fortified Green Zone that houses the Iraqi government and the U.S. and British embassies.

AP wants your takeaway from this story to that Iraqis are voting so that America can bolt, and we better do it soon because things are still blowing up?

Next 'graph, however (emphasis mine):
Police said the explosion apparently was caused by a mortar landing near the heavily fortified Green Zone. No injuries were reported, but the blast underscored the security concerns despite a promise by Sunni insurgent groups not to attack the polls.

*sigh* Associated Press, you weary me. The rest of the story is used to describe the electoral process and attempt to instill within you, the reader, hope that America will withdraw from Iraq. The results could take weeks, they write, gleefully thinking of the column-inches they will fill with speculation and rumor about the elections and how badly they were fixed. Good grief.

Certainly when the government is standing on its own two feet, we will need fewer personnel in Iraq. Our presence and level of involvement over there depends entirely upon the stability of the new government and their desire for US assistance. An instructor of mine said yesterday that we will be fighting this war, the Globar War on Terror, as long as I am in the Navy. I agree.

EDIT: By the way, if want the real gouge about what's going on in Iraq, chek out Iraq the Model's election blogging, also available on Pajamas Media!

Incidentally, I just want you to know, that if you do a web search for "Robosquirrel", yes, the majority of items you will come up with are contributions I have made to the Intar-webs. Not that "Wiggy-woo" garbage though. I don't know what that is. I think that guy's Dutch and extremely wrong in the head. I wonder if he's Googled me?

Also, I'd like to direct your attention to some additions to the sidebar, as if you hadn't noticed, you sly devil, you! I found a fun new conservative webcomic (few and far between, I assure you) called Winger (TFHT: Riding Sun). I got a good laugh out of it, so check it out! Also Fires of the Frozen Lower Blogosphere and Roboshrub Inc., which as near as I can tell are run by the same people; don't let the annoying MIDI file on FFLB deter you from reading, just hit the stop button on your browser (sorry, Gyrobo). Roboshrub seems to be... um, really creative! But not everything I read is political. Fetching Jen is there as well, and she's brilliant! Um...

[shuffles notes...]

Ah, yes, Peace on That, James' blog. He's a thoughtful guy with a refreshing point of view; he'll challenge your perceptions if you tend to be an "echo chamber" sort of person. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Also The Western Alliance, which appears to be a sort of aggregation of blog postings from several folks, including Fetching Jen and Free Agency Rules. Stalin the Shark, "hunter of penguins, terror of right-wingers," who you will likely disagree with - it's OK, disagreement sparks discourse, which is warmly welcomed here. Last, but not least, Educated Shoprat, former Navy guy with terrific insight.

I know I don't always do this when I goose the sidebar, so if you're offended that I didn't... well, you don't have a Constitutional right not to be offended, sorry.

Amd now my cat is shoving her face in my armpit while sitting on my keyboard, indicating that I have other priorities at four in the morning besides blogging.



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