Sunday, January 22, 2006

Better Never Late

Hey Washington Times, thanks for getting with the program, already in progress!

Today the Times published a call by Rep. Vito Fossella (R-NY) to bring the terrorist who murdered Petty Officer Robert Stethem to justice. Interesting; I thought the Germans released Mohammed Ali Hamadi in December. Turns out this is the same Fossella piece that the New York Sun published on 9 January.

The Times appears to think that paying lip service to support of the Global War on Terror (far too late to do anything about it) is good pubic relations. Now that Hamadi is safe in Lebanon (I heard he was apprehended again, but haven't been able to verify it with a link) it's time to call for his extradition from Germany! Well, at least the GWOT is good for something, eh Wesley Pruden?

Our Friends the Germans


Blogger Karl the Sorcerer bloody well said...

Swi'lex! Fi'ton!

*waves wand*

Now he is in custody!

24 January, 2006 15:41  
Blogger Rebekah bloody well said...

I wonder if they really will turn him over. Obviously not if we depended on "cooperation" from the old media.
It's good we have alternative media now!

24 January, 2006 21:22  
Blogger Gyrobo bloody well said...

What we need is peace through superior buying power.

24 January, 2006 22:11  

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