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TFHT to Christian Libertarian for bringing to my attention that this debacle may finally be at a close. I want to give him a trackback, but I can't do it in Blogger. Some of you have trackbacks... how do you do it?

Navy Chaplain Ends Hunger Strike


1) There is no policy of not allowing Jesus in prayers, merely a suggestion of being inclusive in a general setting, out of respect for others' views. I don't think that is necessary and any chaplain would know enough to do that anyway.

The Chaplain Corps is an important part of the Navy (all the armed services, actually) and they should realize they have a responsibility due to the nature of their service not to send a message to sailors that Chaps doesn't really give a crap about them unless they practice the same religion. He is there for all the sailors, not just the Christians. Military Chaplains' duty is to render comforts found only in faith to members, not to evangelize.

2) I don't agree with trying to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness - it's just another word for political correctness and just as must suppression of free speech. I think such a suggestion is a wholly unnecessary and purely political move for a little CYA by the Chaplain Corps. I think few sailors would feel like the Chaplain would not assist them if they need it just because he says the J-word at an invocation; most know that he is there to help, regardless what he or you believe. Whether he would or not, or would without attempting to proselytize, is another question. By personal account of a former roommate of his, Gordon is a stand-up guy who cared for the whole crew. That he would do something like this is unthinkable to some that know him.

3) This particular fellow is an embarrassment to the Chaplain Corp and my Navy. He is an officer first - always. He's trying to go out with a bang and attract lots of attention to his cause by making a spectacle of himself and as a result dishonors us all.

Original story is here.

If you want to read about a real Navy Chaplain, read about Lieutenant Vincent R. Capodanno, Chaplain Corps, USNR (1929-1967).


Anonymous Glen Dean bloody well said...

Great story about that Chaplain.

07 January, 2006 10:19  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon bloody well said...

I read you, Matt, and Glen everyday but usually all I can do is nod my head and agree.

07 January, 2006 20:20  
Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden bloody well said...

01 07 06

Hey Robosquirrel: Use Simpletracks (google it) to do trackbacks for Blogger. Best Wishes.

08 January, 2006 02:32  

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