Saturday, January 07, 2006


(TFHT: Eye of the Storm)

I've heard from a couple of places about milblogger Bill Roggio and the good works he's doing in Iraq. I'll admit I haven't read him - an awful error on my part that I will work to correct.

I've gotten into this a bit backwards, actually; I read Bill's response to the errors in the WaPo article causing the commotion, then I read the article.

The Washington Post has corrected the two most benign errors to its reporting, shown at the top of the web article.
A Dec. 26 article misstated the accreditation of Web journalist Bill Roggio when he was embedded with U.S. Marines in Iraq. He was accredited by the Weekly Standard. The article said that Roggio was embedded with the Marines at the time of publication, but Roggio had returned to the United States. The article also described Roggio as a retired soldier; he served four years on active duty and two years with the National Guard, which is short of the 20-year minimum for retirement.
Still uncorrected are the two most egregious "errors" (this is sloppy reporting at best - but I've come to expect nothing less from journalists these days): the insinuation the Bill is somehow a shill for the military, and equating military information operations to al Qaeda propaganda.

Based on this, Crazy P's recent post and other assorted documentation of the indifference to any sort of honesty, ethics or interest in good reporting at the Post, why read it unless you want to live in a moonbat echo chamber? The same goes for the rest of big newspapers. They're completely unreadable to me - no credibility at all. Thankfully, I get to pick and choose my exposure with the magic of the Inter-nets.


Blogger Ranando bloody well said...


Let them say what they want, I'm a pretty decend guy. I converse with many menbers of The Texas Connection on a daily bases and have good relations with many.

I see you live in Newport, my wife and I have a home in Newport, we are out on Ocean Drive. The house and property has been in our family for years, great place.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello.

07 January, 2006 13:08  
Blogger Crazy Politico bloody well said...

Objectivity in the media only seems necessary (to them) when a pet peeve of theirs is getting the short end.

08 January, 2006 09:52  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Ranando, as long as this blog remains drama-free, I'm happy.

I'm a brisk walk away from Ocean Drive. It's a beautiful town but I'm ready to pull up stakes and move on.

08 January, 2006 15:15  
Blogger Ranando bloody well said...

My wife and I love to spend time there in the summer, Castle Hill, sailing and good food and drink.

The winters are just to cold for us.

08 January, 2006 15:30  

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