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The Peaceful Benevolence of Saddam Hussein

UPDATE: Eureka! I was looking for something else and I found my original post; isn't that always the way? I've added linkage below.

The MSM is resting comfortably at night knowing that they have successfully undermined the Bush Administartion's wild and irresponsible claims of links of Saddam Hussein's benevolent government's support of terrorists. After all, just because he supported the families of palestinian suicide bombers doesn't make him such a bad guy.

But what's this? Pot-stirrer Michelle Malkin links to an article by Stephen F. Hayes in the Weekly Standard chronicling the FACT that "The former Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein trained thousands of radical Islamic terrorists from the region at camps in Iraq over the four years immediately preceding the U.S. invasion, according to documents and photographs recovered by the U.S. military in postwar Iraq," as well as "earlier reports that Saddam Hussein actively funded and trained Islamic terrorists."


Well, better bloggers than I have already contributed heavily to this sorty in a matter of days. My thought is whether this will make the front page of the New York Times? Or any newspaper? I'm betting not; at least not until there's, oh, I don't know... a massive swell of chatter from the blogosphere?

Right-wing extremists whose sarcasm is much better than mine have picked up on this and I'm thinking - Hey, we're just a bunch of average folks with ordinary lives who like to talk about things. But when everybody starts talking about something, suddenly Dan Rather is out of a job and the New York Times and Washington Post are caught with their pants down. So why not start talking about it? If we don't, no one else will.

UPDATE: Incidentally, I believe this information came from a reported metric butt-ton of documents reported recovered in Iraq by the Pentagon some time ago. I can't find the original report, though - I thought maybe I had talked about it on LJ way back. I do remember patiently waiting for the analysis of said documents. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about? John Hinderaker at PowerLine seems to, but he doesn't link to it.

UPDATE DEUX: Found my orginal post with links to the original story in November! Fantastic! Incredible! Holy Hellfire, Tell Us About It!

UPDATE (C): More on this at The Blenster's Blog: What WMDs?


Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon bloody well said...

Nope, we won't see this in the MSM.

08 January, 2006 10:28  
Blogger Gyrobo bloody well said...

PowerLine has been a thorn in my side long enough! We strike at dawn... call forth the flying toasters!

Also, why won't they let you leave comments? Seems like they can't handle their fans... or maybe they have something to hide?!

08 January, 2006 13:39  
Blogger Ranando bloody well said...

Powerline is just one of many that don't let you leave comments.

08 January, 2006 14:47  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

I'm not sure about Powerline, but many of the larger blogs' don't allow comments because the hate mail became completely intolerable. Michelle Malkin is the prime example - occasionally she posts some of the enlightened commentary from her detractors and I don't think I'd want my inbox full of that bile every day.

It's not like these guys don't post their email addresses; you can get in touch with them if you want to threaten them with flying toasters.

08 January, 2006 15:11  
Blogger Crazy Politico bloody well said...

Matt, you know my opinion of the MSM of late, so you should be able to guess my answer to your question.

It will be more fodder for throwing at the left, though.

08 January, 2006 15:35  
Blogger Granddaddy Long Legs bloody well said...

Good blog, I'll check in again.

08 January, 2006 15:36  
Blogger TexasFred bloody well said...

If you have a successful blog, you end up having a lot of comments by *undesireables*...

Some are just nutty, some are rather nasty...

Nutty stays but nasty is WHY they make a *ban* button..

"Pot-stirrer Michelle Malkin"??

Stir MY pots Michelle, all of my pots...

08 January, 2006 16:09  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Michelle is on my list along with Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham.

I see this item gathering steam slowly. There was a ping several months ago when it was reported that over 2 million documents were recovered in Iraq. And very little of this information had been translated and analyzed.

Now it's starting to trickle out; and it's likely no longer timely intelligence, so there shouldn't be a reason not to release it as it becomes avalible. I think we're going to see a lot more of this and the MSM will be unable to ignore it. Oh, they'll start out cherry-picking the info and doing their best to twist it and make the Bush Administration look bad, but when people finally see through that ruse, they'll go back to ignoring and downplaying it.

Crazy P, I did very little journalism before I was commissioned Navy, but I did enough to get an idea how it works. Now, they don't even bother hiding it.

Granddaddy, thanks for stopping by!

08 January, 2006 16:38  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox bloody well said...

The person who needs to highlight this is W himself!!

08 January, 2006 20:30  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Well, yeah, but they always get him coming and goign don't they? They'll just say he's done it backwards and is easter-egging for justification he didn't have in 2003. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

08 January, 2006 21:28  
Anonymous Mark Eichenlaub bloody well said...

Excellent work you've done here.

Thought you might want to know that a former 20 year DIA intel analyst just came out to challenge the conventional wisdom as well

Also, from now on I’d like to link to all bloggers who talk to this issue when they do a new post (as you have in the past). Can you please email me when something new comes up so I can link you at ?

07 July, 2007 19:51  

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