Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tuesday Trivia III

Today's Tuesday!
Yes, it is. Sadly, no one got the answers to the double dose last Tuesday. I didn't think you all would actually not eventually Google it. Hooray for the honor system! I'll keep my mint-flavored toothpick and move along.

Q: In what series of horror movies did Tina Louise and Barbara Eden both star?
A: The Stepford Wives

Q: Which magazine have two of Ronald and Nancy Reagan's children worked for and what did they do?
A: Playboy. Ron Jr. was an editor and Patti Davis posed. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the other way around.

This week's questions...
Q: Which World War II admiral ran his ship aground twice and later had a class of ships named after him?

Q: Where was the character Jeanie in "I Dream of Jeanie" originally from?

Lots of Barbara Eden questions in the ol' question bank, it seems. Turns out she turned 71 last year... anyone feel old?


Blogger TexasFred bloody well said...

Nimitz and Baghdad..

My son came home with a shirt that he thinks is just hilarious...

"Baghdad ass up" front and back, got it in one of the stores at Camp Victory and brought it home with him...

He thinks it's hilarious....

I guess ya just had to be there..

You're not going to let me play too much are you??

19 January, 2006 00:06  
Blogger TexasFred bloody well said...

And BTW, Barb is probably the hottest 71 year old you'll EVER see...

Yes, I would...

19 January, 2006 00:07  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Yeah, I'm going to just have to ask different questions. TV and movie trivia is mind-bogglingly easy.

Don't let your superior retention of useless information get you down, Fred!

19 January, 2006 10:22  
Blogger Blenster bloody well said...

I'm going to guess "Nimitz" on the naval question. As the the Jeanie question, I'd guess "Iran", where the persian culture originated since that is where the geanie myth is generally credited with coming from. Honestly, I have no idea, though.

19 January, 2006 11:14  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin bloody well said...

I had SUCH a crush on Barbara Eden when she was on "I Dream of Jeanie."

Heavy sigh.

25 January, 2006 12:21  

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