Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ugly Naked Guy

From the profound to the stupid, you never know what riles us up at PCIF!

For the past couple of weeks or days (I don't know - I have to turn off the radio whenever this comes up) the local Providence news stations have been all over Richard Hatch's tax evasion trial. You would think more important things were going on.

Remember, he's the guy who won the first million-dollar prize on Survivor. Not only is he leading the news every single day, but the newscasters on the radio think they're clever when they make really bad jokes about Survivor.

"The tribe has spoken! A Providence jury has snuffed Richard Hatch's torch..." Blah, blah, blah. Every day. Every single day. Thank goodness there are nationally syndicated talk radio shows, or I'd have to listen to it all day. One of the morning hosts has dedicated at least two whole shows to discussing Hatch. Is he really that big a deal?

The local station interrupted Rush Limbaugh for breaking news yesterday and I was really frustrated with all this nonsense, and I said out loud to myself, "This better be good, guys." Turns out they broke in to let me know that Hatch was found guilty on three of ten counts and could go to prison for up to 16 years. Crap. That didn't stop them from talking about Buddy Cianci. One of these days, I'm going to work up a good head of steam and rant about southern New England. The people here are all insane. Yes, I'm talking about you.

I'd like the whole world to know that while I do watch some vapid TV from time to time (Smallville, anyone?), I do not watch "reality TV". Ever. Disgusting, gratuitous, mind-numbingly stupid waste of time. Even worse than sitcoms. The only one I'd ever consider being on, even though I probably couldn't watch it if I was, would be The Amazing Race, because I like the concept of participating, but watching people's relationships dissolve under pressure is not my idea of a good time. My ex lets my daughter watch The Apprentice and I'm appalled. There's a reason I call the television "the idiot box", folks. If I was inclined to think in terms of conspiracy, I'd opine that "reality TV" is a nefarious plot to make us all dumber. That and PowerPoint.

In other reality-based nonsense, American Idol judges are apparently as abusive as ever:
when it comes to the show's bluntness about contestants, heavy or otherwise, that's simply reality, said Peggy Howell, spokeswoman for the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.

"We're burying our head in the sand if we try to pretend people don't have those attitudes and think and say those things," said Howell.
In other news, there's an organization called the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. Nrygh! What next?!



Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox bloody well said...

Yah, the Richard Hatch thing is weird. I can't believe he didn't make a deal. When they said he might get 13 yrs. in jail for tax evasion I about fell off my chair. It will be interesting to see what actual sentence he gets. He was always psycho so none of this surprises me.

26 January, 2006 13:44  
Blogger Karl the Sorcerer bloody well said...

Corporum lef ni'lini sev!

*waves hands*

Reality T.V. no longer exists. It has been replaced with realty T.V. which involves realtors.

They just try so hard to sell houses.

26 January, 2006 15:08  
Blogger Rebekah bloody well said...

LOL - that would be better, sorcerer!

What someone brought up on my blog is, Richard Hatch could get more time than that pervert in Vermont. Something's really messed up there.

I admit - I sometimes watch "American Idol". I KNOW it's not "reality", though. (By the way, did you hear that American Idol is supposedly homophobic? I've seen it, and apparently guys in makeup singing Whitney Houston don't really impress Simon...)

29 January, 2006 20:13  
Anonymous Tony bloody well said...

"The Amazing Race" is the best reality show, and the only one I never miss. (Competitive travel!)

The rest, I liked the early days when it wasn't completely about manufactured chaos. Or at least they edited the shows better to pretend the chaos wasn't manufactured.

"The Amazing Race" has its share, but I can see around that. The premise is worth that drawback.

18 May, 2007 13:46  

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