Friday, February 03, 2006

Perhaps We Could Try Pouting?

From the WSJ OpinionJournal today: "An 'Intolerable' Threat
What a world with an Iranian nuclear weapon would look like."

As we go to press, the Governing Board of the International Atomic Energy Agency appears set to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council. This supposedly indicates the seriousness with which the world views Tehran's decision to resume enriching uranium. Yet while the threat is very real, the seriousness is mostly pretend. The referral includes no call to action, which Russia and China object to in any event.
What about the UN Security Council's Power of Writing Strongly-Worded Letters? Tongue-Clicking? Finger-Wagging? I'm in favor of 20-30 resolutions that Iran can defy over the next 15 years or so while they build up their nuclear arsenal.

I think the S.E.P. (Somebody Else's Problem) field has gone back up around Iran. That's the weapon I'd worry about.

The whole article is excellent.


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