Friday, February 03, 2006

They're Really Very Nice, Once You Get to Know Them.

EDIT: Note to you psychos:
Bring it on.
Muslim cartoons ganked from Michelle Malkin, along with protest pictures.

EDIT #3: For more highlighting of Islamic moral equivalence, check out Victor Davis Hansen: Three Pillars of Wisdom - Finding our footing where lunacy looms large. This is a must-read! (As is pretty much everything VDH publishes, actually.)

EDIT #4: Even more at RightWinged

Seems they're a bit touchy, aren't they?

EDIT: I smallified some of the pics a bit to stop the over run into the sidebar. Better? I also expanded the size of the main body on the template. I think that works a little better.

Ain't free speech grand? More:
Under the News: WWDD (What would Doonesbury do?)
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TexasFred: Muslim Outrage?
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Blogger Robert M. bloody well said...

Touchy yeah, and also cowards. You notice their heads are all covered? That's not a relegion thing. They're COWARDS. Was this by chance one of those rallys by those pissed off Muslims who're angry about the political cartoon in Denmark?

03 February, 2006 20:21  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

I I got the post edited with six of the cartoons. It over runs my sidebar a bit, but it's worth it for now. I don't feel like making them any smaller at the moment. Maybe I'll try to fix it in the morning.

03 February, 2006 20:53  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin bloody well said...

I'm tired of pulling punches.

Fuck the Islamists. The more they react the more the world will see them for what they are:

Wack Cadets who, over the years of "inculcating and absorbing" their numbers --

Well, those countries have done so to their ultimate detriment.

I posted only one of the cartoons -- the funny one.

The rest are stupid and poorly done.

And still these maniacs have determined that all non-believers must die.

Yeah right.

I am so close to a major non-PC rant on my blog with multi-syllabic words and a host of concomitantly-applicable 4-letter words as well.

I need a hit of oxygen.

03 February, 2006 21:51  
Blogger Crazy Politico bloody well said...

It's not like many followers of their religion haven't set them up for this kind of treatment.

BTW Robo, if you set the "width" attribute on the pictures it might help with the overrun.

04 February, 2006 06:41  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox bloody well said...

These signs are unbelievable to me. It scares me how volatile they are. Another confirmation that appeasing these kind of people wouldn't do any good.

05 February, 2006 00:51  
Blogger Lone Pony bloody well said...

Matt, head over to Michelle Malkin, she's asking for a show of bloggers who posted comics like this.

07 February, 2006 21:14  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Yeah, I sent her a trackback, but I'm just one of many voices. I get a couple hits from her, nothing big. Not out for attention, just to speak my mind.

08 February, 2006 11:54  
Anonymous Anonymous bloody well said...

Hi! Please consider posting the best Mohammad's cartoon ever. See it here

03 July, 2007 10:51  

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