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EDIT: If you are looking for the cartoons, I have them posted here.

What sort of warped view of the world must you have to think that this is a just and proportional reaction to being offended by something?

The Joint Chiefs letter to the Washington Post over the recent "quadruple amputee" cartoon was a justifiable reaction. You didn't see the Washington Post bombed by an A-10 Warthog.

Everything Ted Rall draws is offensive, does that mean I'm going to get a lynch mob together and go string him up? Of course not. Only in the Middle East, in countries cut off by their governments from the arena of ideas, would normal people think it's a good idea to take up torches and burn down buildings.
Syria blamed Denmark for the protests, criticizing the Scandinavian nation for refusing to apologize for the caricatures of Islam’s holiest figure.

“(Denmark’s) government was able to avoid reaching this point ... simply through an apology” as requested by Arab and Muslim diplomats, state-run daily Al-Thawra said in an editorial Sunday.

“It is unjustifiable under any kind of personal freedoms to allow a person or a group to insult the beliefs of millions of Muslims,” the paper said.
Denmark doesn't have to apologize for anything, you medieval bonehead. In the free world, we can disagree peacefully without killing each other. Why don't you develop some sense of proportionality. How do you think the Jews react when you swear to destroy them? Everybody owes you everything and you don't have to do anything in return, just oppress your people and spew hateful nonsense and try your best to pick fights with peace-loving people around the world. Bite me, dickweed.

You, yes you, mobs in Middle Eastern cities. Read a book. Join civilization, because we're doing our best to drag you kicking and screaming, but you've got to want it. Right now you're nothing more than savages. Behave like animals and expect to be treated as such when America finally straightens this mess, the damn sandbox you live in, out.

I want to write about other things, but you're pissing me off. FYI, you fundamentalist wackos, I fully intend to sit in my large apartment, drink beer and watch the Super Bowl, thinking about how sexy my wife's ankles are while she's working tonight, and furthermore, I will spew my opinions on the Internet for all the world to read if they want to. So enjoy your cave and fearing for your survival while I enjoy my FREEDOM.

EDIT:By the way, Moonbats: you bastards make me sick. I question whether you're worthy of civilization, or if it's time to vote you off the island.

EDIT #2: The blogosphere owns this story. The MSM seems willing to black it out until it blows over. I'm too angry for analysis, but here's some:

Charlie Munn at the Officer's Club says:
This episode outlines what happens when you “ain’t gonna study war no more.” Who is “humiliated” here? -The Arab street, or the Dutch, who just got bitch-slapped on national TV? Their embassies were burned- an act of war- over cartoons! That should be intolerable on the world stage. A line should be drawn here, and Syria should pay. If the Dutch government hadn’t strayed far off the trail of NATO protectionism, maybe it could do what Jimmy Carter failed to do in 1979- militarily respond to an act of war.

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They're Really Very Nice, Once You Get to Know Them.

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Blogger Lone Pony bloody well said...

You got me all worked up! LOVE the freedom part!!!!! Go babeeee!

05 February, 2006 16:02  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Damn, I'm pissed. I've got four unfinished posts and these savages keep burning stuff.

05 February, 2006 16:14  
Blogger Rebekah bloody well said...

I feel the same way, robosquirrel. Did Christians do this because of "The Book of Daniel"? I don't think so! Why? Because we're civilized.

05 February, 2006 18:38  
Blogger prying1 bloody well said...

I see some stories in the MSM but most of them seem to pussyfoot around and give quotes like this from the Mercury News. - "I don't like that it resulted in a fire - that's not a part of our religion and our prophet. But we also have to admit to the fact that we are under so much pressure," said Fouad Tarabeine, a Syrian businessman. "The political situation, the pressure we have from the state. So, this was a kind of release. This was the straw that broke the camel's back." -

I hope they feel released now and stop their criminal behaviour.

Why didn't Christians riot over 'Piss Christ' or the Mary in elephant dung. Then I could have gotten a free TV set all in the name of Jesus...

05 February, 2006 19:21  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox bloody well said...

Excellent post! I totally agree with everything you've said here. This is still unbelievable to me that you burn embassies and threaten to behead people because of cartoons. It scares me how brainwashed some of these people are and what they are willing to do.

06 February, 2006 12:50  

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