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I've been fascinated at Lone Pony's attempts to make some sense out of the insanity of recent events in the world of Islamofacism. Becky's a brilliant, patient woman and is to be commended for her efforts. I admire those who seek to understand their enemies. Victor Davis Hanson (TFHT: Lone Pony) is also one of those people. As for me, my attempts have been rooted dually in a desire to better understand individualism and power, and a desire to understand my enemies Sun Tzu-style... so I can destroy them when I have to. (Muahahahaha!!!)

My personal understanding is that our current struggle has little to do with religion, but is instead about a dying culture's desperate struggle to maintain its power. This culture (or "cult", if you prefer) takes people who would otherwise be normal, productive members of society and has them blowing themselves up, beheading people and setting thing afire instead, as a result of centuries of oppression and control by dictators. Many people in these societies are like zombies, not the classic "Serpent and the Rainbow" zombies, but the "Dawn of the Dead" types - they look like normal people, but they'll kill you for your brains, unless you kill them first. Sort of. The rest are afraid. Dictatorships use propaganda and repressive enforcement of the will of the leader to maintain control. They keep independent information from penetrating their borders as best they can.

The U.S. has sporadically opposed the will of tyrants (despite our professing of great ideals, we can't fight everybody) throughout our short history, though we tend to lean toward isolationism due to our geographic situation. Which is good for our leaders, because it also creates an ignorance that they can use. Our country is so big and so far from other countries that many Americans don't set foot on foreign soil their entire lives, keeping them blissfully unaware of the finer details of things going on in the rest of the world.

Unfortunately for politicians and newspapermen and petty tyrants around the world, the Internet has resulted in massive information-sharing, and as a side benefit of it being for porn, it has made people smarter about the world around them. Liberty-minded individuals have discovered that there are others like them and they are not some anachronist vestigal organ left behind by a shining city on a hill long ago (has it been 26 years already?). Or something like that. You get my drift.

So in my usual roundabout way, here's where I'm going: For most people, even those with some knowledge of history, the world began the day they were born. It seems very few even bother to make attempts to understand it, they just sit in front of the idiot box, maintaining a constant body temperature while thinking what other people want them to think. I am floored by the ignorance of people when it come to realizing how we got where we are today. Some people think 9/11 was the first time we were every attacked by terrorists, and that since they haven't attacked us lately, it was a one-time thing.

The U.S. government has a little website called "" (TFHT: Crazy P) meant to dispell that myth. It's a good list, but I found it a bit lacking. For one thing, it stops in 1983. This one at The Center for Defense Information is a bit better, since it goes back one further:
November 4, 1979 - Fundamentalist Islamic students took 52 Americans hostage at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran.

In response, in April 1980, President Jimmy Carter authorized “Operation Eagle Claw,” a military mission to free the hostages. The mission involved eight USMC RH-53 helicopters, 12 airplanes and personnel who were to be transported from a carrier in the Pakistan Gulf to a point outside Tehran, where they were to spend the night and resume rescue operations the following morning. The operation involved refueling the helicopters at a spot in the Iranian desert dubbed "Desert One." The operation was aborted April 25 after three of the eight helicopters suffered mechanical failures and one of the helicopters collided with a refueling plane, killing five Air Force personnel, three Marines and injuring dozens. The hostages, after spending 444 days in captivity, were released unharmed just hours after Ronald Reagan's presidential inauguration on Jan. 20, 1981.
That's an important one that the government left out. Was it to protect the "legacy" of Jimmy Carter? I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but don't these attacks on the U.S. go back farther? I'm working on it, but any list that ends before 1948 seems a bit short, until I read otherwise.

For example, here's one that starts with the first U.S. aircraft ever hijacked in 1961 at the department of state. So we've been bending over and taking it for 45 years according to this list. Certain people in power would prefer that we keep on taking it.

After all, if we leave them alone and keep funneling "foreign aid" to them, they'll leave us alone.

Won't they?

Ignorance is Power
Better Never Late


Blogger prying1 bloody well said...

re: question at the end of your post. - "Won't they?"


12 February, 2006 10:49  
Blogger Crazy Politico bloody well said...

Prying 1 is right, we've proven over the last 45 years they have no desire to leave us alone, regardless of the appeasement level.

12 February, 2006 11:06  
Blogger Lone Pony bloody well said...

Thanks for the brilliant comment Matt. I truly believe we need to educate ourselves about these people quickly. I may do more posts like that. Especially since I seem to have upset a Muslim lawyer pretty badly. (I'm a woman.)

I'm going to do a better job at the history thing too. I was always interested in science. Maybe I can throw some history at the kids first thing in the morning. hmmm...

15 February, 2006 22:50  
Blogger Rebekah bloody well said...

I was watching a documentary on Communism/ Reagan the other night, and every time I hear about that era, the similiarities are eerie. People wanted to avoid "tough rhetoric", avoid "arms races", make deals and generally ignore how terrible it was. There wasn't much coverage of the gulags in the American press, Communism was excused by eliteists, and the politicians looked the other way. Reagan came along, and he was labeled a dumb warmonger.
Gee, sound familiar?

21 February, 2006 19:37  

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