Friday, March 03, 2006

Day of the Dead

As if you didn't know, the Patriot Act was quietly renewed 89-10 on Thursday.

Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, and Harry Reid voted for it.

Heh. National security is good politics come election time, isn't it? Too bad the jokers in Washington can't be convinced of doing the right thing in the off years.

I'm trying to find the revised text, since I know some folks are upset about living in a facist dictatorship and all. I just figured I'd see if that was still the case. From the Kansas City Star:
The bill adds new protections to the 2001 anti-terror law in three areas. It would:

■ Give recipients of court-approved subpoenas for information in terrorist investigations the right to challenge a requirement that they refrain from telling anyone.

■ Eliminate a requirement that an individual provide the FBI with the name of a lawyer consulted about a National Security Letter, which is a demand for records issued by investigators.

■ Clarify that most libraries are not subject to demands in those letters for information about suspected terrorists.
Is that what all the fuss was about? Golly, I had no idea my fundamental Constitutional rights were in such perilous peril.


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