Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Robbed at Gunpoint

Ah. Tax season. Tired of being taken advantage of by tax preparation companies, I've convinced Red that we should go it alone this year. Our taxes aren't particulary complicated, but since I began working a salaried job and investing, I didn't make much of an attempt to understand the new tax forms I had to fill out. We're both rather impatient and would prefer not to deal with it - just the sort of customers those ne'er-do-wells are looking for.

I bought TurboTax this year, to help out with the finer points, and because if you think Federal income tax is needlessly complex, you haven't seen Rhode Island income tax forms. Red and I are Florida residents, but since she worked in Rhode Island at a private company, she's had to pay state tax for the last three years. Luckily, the greedy little armpit of suck (Rhode Island) can't touch the majority of our income. So I mailed 'em off today - good riddance.

Personally, my idea of Income Tax reform is the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment. If you don't believe in slippery slopes, do a little reading on taxation in the United States some time. World wide opinion around the turn of the century was that tariffs and sales taxes allowed the wealthy to avoid their "fair share" of the tax burden (world-wide opinion is still worth what you pay for it, it seems). Ludicrous, I know, that anyone could possibly think that anyone's share of the tax burden is fair.

The first attempt to pass an income tax law was struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional, so Congress got enough support together for the Sixteenth Amendment, finally ratified by the States in 1913. Income tax was the beginning of American socialism, in my opinion; it was followed up by Social Security and by 1945 the maximum marginal tax rate had ballooned from 7% to 94%.

I found this great quote by Representative Cordell Hull of Tennessee, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee in a Los Angeles Times article published on the eve of the ratification of the Constitutional Amendment that would legally allow direct taxes to be leveed on American citizens.
“One of the important results of an income tax,” said Representative Hull, “will be the curbing of unnecessary Federal expenditures. When a great part of the government's income is derived by a direct tax upon the citizens of the nation, they will scrutinize more carefully the appropriations made by Congress.”
All together now: HA HA HA HA! It's funny because it's so incredibly misguided. Government produces nothing and survives only on what it can force from you. When you give it money, it always wants more, there's so much it can do. There is no curbing the appetite of Congress for funds. "Scrutinize", now that's funny.

Not for nothing, he was also a Democrat in a Democrat controlled congress with a Democrat President-Elect (Wilson). Times were different back then, however. Corporations taking advantage of people was a reality and a genuine problem, working-class resentment of wealthy people was increasingly volatile. Redistribution of wealth sounded like a really good idea back then.

To every state except Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, interestingly.

And look where it's gotten us. We pay taxes we don't even know about. The money's taken from us before we even see it and pissed away by a bloated government that is likely to implode and become a black hole due to its gi-normous mass. I exaggerated the black hole part, but you understand what I mean.

More insanity (TFHT: Atlas Shrugs) Kofi Annan wants a slice of the American pie. Not content with kickbacks, bribery and support of slavery, he thinks the UN should be able to levee international taxes. Over my dead body, you son of a bitch.

Notice the lack of media coverage of this particular gesticulation and you'll understand a little more about the rest of the world and why being more like them isn't in your best interest.


Blogger Rebekah bloody well said...

The tax code is so incredibly messed up, it's ridiculous. (And we know how well our government spends those taxes...)

Now Annon wants INTERNATIONAL taxes?? Yeah, my response is the same as yours.

The perfect option would be a National Sales Tax, but of course, that ain't happening.

17 March, 2006 12:27  
Blogger jomama bloody well said...

I'm just here to help...

19 March, 2006 07:34  
Blogger mpragnes bloody well said...

at least h&r block lets your download taxcut for free

19 March, 2006 17:14  

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