Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spanking Time!

I was just talking to my mother-in-law about a certain set of parents who don't believe in spanking their children. I told her those parents need to learn to abuse their kids. Or maybe they'd prefer to have a kid like this little snot: Marissa Leigh.

Veruca Salt, here, thinks she's some kind of pop star goddess. She's an awful litte person who got her hundred-thousand-dollar (my estimate, based on the story) birthday party put on MTV where they harvested these scintillating quotes:
"I'm a princess."

"I'm such a rock star that I can do this."

"So many people are so jealous of me because my dad owns three car dealerships and we have a lot of money."

"I always get exactly what I want."
This kid could definitely benefit from a bit of measured violence. And parents who aren't trying to exploit her. In my opinion, the above is child abuse. She's going to grow into a miserable, soulless person wondering what happened to her shattered dreams as she takes your order at Taco Bell.

Oh, I know, I shouldn't joke about domestic violence, but there's a big difference between that and discipline. I've seen worse kids than these, but they walk all over their parents. The worst part about it is that Grandpa (Dad's dad) slapped one of them for being a little monster and Mom threw the grandparents out. Permanently.

My thoughts on this are two-fold. Mom and Dad were wrong for not executing proper discipline in the first place. Grandpa shouldn't have had to do it for them; I can't blame a man who grew up in an era where getting one's hide tanned was a fact of life when he did something worthy of it. He's dealing with people who think that time-outs and stern words are going to teach their kids the consequences of their actions.

On the other hand, if I was that kid's parent, I wouldn't want other people disciplining my kids for me. Once Red was at my grandmother's house and Grandma demanded that my daughter, Kiddo, say "please" before she could get a glass of milk. Red is still steamed about that, she's Kiddo's stepmom and was there in the parenting role, after all. I wasn't particularly happy about it either, I don't want other people parenting my kids, even my family, but I have little choice since she doesn't live with me.

As I am mere days away from the birth of my second child, I think about what kind of man I want him to be and how I'm going to help him become that man. I suppose I could name him "Sue"... but I'll probably just try to teach him my principles show him right from wrong and give him a little smack on the ass once in a while if he earns it.


Blogger NEO, SOC bloody well said...

I think you'll do well with your prince on the way! I grew up with child abuse so I know the difference. When my son gets out of line, his butt hurts! Period! There are days, when he does wrong and starts walking backwards! Poor kid! But, he knows he was wrong. I won't always respond with a spanking because there are opportunities to extend grace. And he learns of words like mercy and grace. Keep up the work dadx2

30 April, 2006 09:45  
Blogger shoprat bloody well said...

The Good Lord but a little extra fat on a child's bottom for a good reason. Spanking is not abuse and those who say it is should be tried and punished for abusing the language.

02 May, 2006 20:33  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin bloody well said...

This is the kind of kid that I'd like to connect with a good right cross, and then kick her ass out onto any street called "Martin Luther King Boulevard" in any city in the United States.


13 May, 2006 21:59  
Anonymous Anonymous bloody well said...

When I was a kid it wasn't just my parents who gave me some spanks on my ass, it was everyone! Kids need spankings's good for them!

17 October, 2007 16:51  

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