Thursday, April 27, 2006

What You Don't Know Hurts Everybody

Y'know I linked this at the bottom of my previous rant about oil prices, but I figured I'd post it again for the short of attention span.

Cato Institute fellows always say it better than I can.

Peter Van Doren and Jerry Taylor at the Cato Institute - Exxon's Earnings: No Apology Necessary (THFT: Glen Dean)

Oh, and today's Thomas Sowell column at Town Hall is worth reading as well. It's good to see the Conservative blogosqhere trying to show people the truth, especially since our duly elected representives seem too ignorant to see it.

Plus, Crazy P's got another good one.
EDIT: ... and Steven Milloy: 'Green' Politicians Add to Gas Price Woes

Me? Mom-in-law is here, baby's on the way, and I've got a test coming up. Just got done in the live firefighting trainer this morning and so I'm a bit tired and thirsty. Time for beer!

Rocket Surgery
The Real Gouge
Unquestioning Belief In Works Of Fiction
Obscene Profits


Blogger Crazy Politico bloody well said...

Thanks for the links, and I hope you didn't get singed in the fire fighting trainer.

Hey, if we told folks Exxon paid 86 BILLION in taxes in 2004, do you think they'd get the hint that they aren't just sucking the consumer dry? (Not all in the US, 66% of their business is overseas)

27 April, 2006 20:06  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

$86 Billion?
That's all? They practically print their own money!

There's no reasoning with folks who won't listen to reason, but it's no excuse to stop trying to make folks see the truth. There's been a blog explosion about the issue, which I'm happy about, because when I first posted about this in November, no one seemed to be very interested.

27 April, 2006 20:19  
Blogger Nicki bloody well said...

I was listening to the news today, and I SWEAR, I almost threw my TV out the window!!!

They had this fat bitch on, who was complaining about gas prices. Here's what she said (paraphrased):

Why should I give up my SUV? Why should I have to make changes to MY lifestyle because these gas companies are making a fortune? I want to drive an SUV and I have a right to drive it and not go broke driving it. WHY DOESN'T THE GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING????

No, I'm not even kidding! I wanted to reach into the TV and throttle her with my bare hands!

27 April, 2006 20:31  
Blogger Crazy Politico bloody well said...

Nicki, I'm with you. Those are the folks that really annoy me. I made a choice in 2002 to buy a LARGE pickup truck that got 12 mpg. When gas hit $2/gallon, my 30 mile commute got a little expensive, so now I drive a little car that gets 35.

The fat broad has a right to make a decision, and the responsibility to live with the consequences.

28 April, 2006 04:20  
Blogger Nicki bloody well said...

CP - you ain't kidding. I was driving an SUV until January of this year. My 65 mile commute got a bit too much, so I traded the SUV in for a little Nissan that gets 40 miles to the gallon. I had the right to drive that SUV and pay $55 for a tank of gas, and I had the right to make the choice to a smaller, more economical car.

What got me was that bitch's insistence that her right to drive her gas guzzler somehow trumped the oil companies' right to get the most profit for the product they provide, and that it was the GOVERNMENT'S job to ensure that her right to drive an SUV was not altered, even if it means screwing someone else.

I hate socialists. I really do. And I'm angry this morning to begin with, because my dog got a hold of my breakfast and ate it. :-(

28 April, 2006 07:11  
Blogger Gayle bloody well said...

I drive a large car. A Lincoln Town car, to be exact. I also have a 1 and 1/2 ton Dodge Ram, our farm truck. I drive these vehicles because I choose to do so. I do not rant because the gas prices are so high I can't afford to drive them, because if I couldn't afford to drive them "I would get something smaller." Good grief, it's just a matter of common sense!

I just came over from CP's post on this same subject. It's ane excellent post. :)

28 April, 2006 10:16  
Blogger Gayle bloody well said...

Please excuse the typo. Someday I will learn to preview before I publish... I hope!

28 April, 2006 10:19  

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