Thursday, May 04, 2006

It Runs In The Family

Poor judgment and the perception that they are above the law, that is.

I was listening to Hannity as the news broke on the way home yesterday about Rep. Patrick Kennedy's little accident in Washington. Given Kennedy's history, I'm thinking this story goes deeper, even if it's just to alert people to the fact that he does have a history! Yet, like every other Kennedy before him, seems to suffer none of the consequences...

Well, we'll see. Luckily, Drudge is all over it; and the Boston Globe reports that not only was he on medication, but he was drinking while on it. Perhaps this'll wake Rhode Island up a bit, but I doubt it. People here seems to be proud of their corrupt and/or idiotic politicians; as though it's some kind of badge of honor or something.

EDIT: Funny, I didn't realize I didn't actually finish this post before I published it. Silly Robo.

So, after I hastily published that first bit, it turned out that - surprise! - Pat "I have never worked a [bleeping] (F------) day in my life" Kennedy's addicted to medication. Well, look, I'd prefer to avoid schadenfreude, but I do find it interesting how he's being treated in the news. All of a sudden he comes clean about his current addiction and emotional problems. Well, if I have little sympathy for him, it could be the fact that he's getting pity from the press and law enforcement instead of raked across the coals like others with similar issues.

Not that that would be fair, either, but it's difficult not to note the irony. Or perhaps hypocrisy. Regardless, I find it difficult to stomach the sob stories the local Rhode Island media are telling about poor Patches.

UPDATE: Turns out the Kos Kidz think he should resign for this. I think he should resign for being grossly incompent and negligent in his duty, not to mention essentially being a millionaire on welfare, but who am to judge? Michelle Malkin liveblogged his press conference, which sounds like it was more funny than Stephen Colbert at the Correspondents' Dinner.

Radio Equalizer has a good sum-up of the media coverage and the softballs the poor little rich boy has been thrown. Can we stop the Pat Kennedy pity party already?


Blogger The Libertarian Guy bloody well said...

Here's Ted Kennedy for Gold Bond Medicated Powder:

"When, ah, I have the, ah, itching and the, ah, chafing, I have my assistant apply the, ah, Gold Bond Medicated Powdah... aftah a weekend bendah at the, ah, Kennedy Compound, it really soothes the old, ah, personal area..."

07 May, 2006 08:41  

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