Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pity Party

No sooner did Patches admit his struggle with addiction to prescription medication and sequester himself in my home state at one of the best hospitals in the world than the serfs faithful to the fallen kingdom of Camelot rallied around their golden boy.

The Boston Globe (not big fans of Patches):
Kennedy's district is heavily Democratic and has sent him to Washington for six straight terms despite other personal problems. On Saturday, a day after Kennedy's announcement, his powerful political friends closed ranks and roundly praised him for taking a very public step to get help, while people at home ranged from sympathetic to fed up.
Rhode Island Democrat Party Chairman and hack Bill Lynch said, "We do not walk away from our friends." Yes... regardless of what's best for your party or the people you claim to represent. That choice of words... "friends" seem to sum up how things get done in Rhode Island. You gotta know a guy who knows a guy.

I'm all for Patrick Kennedy getting help for his mental issues, real or manufactured. Let's be clear what I don't like about all this: 1) Kennedy's politics, 2) Kennedy's ineffectiveness as a politician, 3) the pass he got from the Capitol police and 4) The media's/public's puzzling desire to give him a collective hug. You've got to give it to Little Rhody, they sure like their scumbags. The drug thing seems to give this state a much needed excuse (since a politician's disinterest in doing anything constructive is not criteria for losing his Congressional seat in Rhode Island) to vote him out of office.

After all, he's a man of the people!

Montery County Herald:
'I don't buy the medicine story,'' said Michael Rossi, a nurse waiting in line at a news and video kiosk in this small downtown. He said he thought alcohol was to blame for the crash, not the prescription drugs cited by Kennedy.

Now the good news for Kennedy: The voters of Rhode Island -- including Rossi -- also don't seem to care.

''It's a separate issue,'' said Rossi, who said he would remain a Kennedy supporter. ''He's got maybe an alcohol problem. That doesn't make him a bad representative.''

''Somehow, I still love him,'' said Helen Lisi, a retiree from Lincoln, R.I., who was eating with her daughter at a pub Friday in Cumberland. Maybe it was all that Kennedy had done for senior citizens, she said.
Like what exactly? The only things I can find are things that only make sense to Democrats, not economically.

Rose Iovini, 78, of Providence, said her support for Kennedy was unwavering.

"I think he's a sick boy, and he's doing the right thing. And politics shouldn't come into it," she said. "I think he'll be excellent when he comes back."

All together now: one, two, three...


I've been hearing quotes like this on the radio here in Newport all day long. Poor kid, he's had a rough time, people should just leave him alone.

From the AP:
"Patrick Kennedy has a famous last name, but that famous last name is not why people continue to re-elect him," Lt. Gov. Charles Fogarty said. "He has earned the confidence of the people in this state."
Uhhh, yes. Yes it is, Charlie. Kennedy can't string two sentences together, let alone drive in a straight line. He doesn't give a crap about the people who vote for him - he rides his name through life just like many other New England politicians ( yes, you, Senator Lincoln "U.P.S." Chafee). Though he does have a record of which any Democrat would be proud. (That's votes, not his criminal record.)

Interesting are his positions on drugs:
  • Voted NO on military border patrols to battle drugs & terrorism. (Sep 2001)
  • Voted NO on prohibiting needle exchange & medical marijuana in DC. (Oct 1999)
  • Voted NO on subjecting federal employees to random drug tests. (Sep 1998)
About the only thing I see at OnTheIssues.org that I like about him is his vote for a nationwide AMBER Alert system.

I know Nicki will like this:
  • Voted NO on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers. (Oct 2005)
  • Voted NO on prohibiting suing gunmakers & sellers for gun misuse. (Apr 2003)
  • Voted NO on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1. (Jun 1999)
  • Rated F by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun control voting record. (Dec 2003)
But one has to realize he's not running to appeal to a conservative or a libertarian. He's your typical New England limousine liberal whose sole goal in life is to keep getting re-elected so that -- to paraphrase the Honorable Representative -- he never has to work an [effing] day in his life.

Bill Lynch:
"People have gotten to know him here personally in Rhode Island," Lynch said. "People here respect the fact that he's courageous enough to deal with this in the public eye, which is very difficult."
Pff. Yeah, tell that to Rush Limbaugh.

It Runs In The Family
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Blogger Gyrobo bloody well said...

In the name of good political debate, I must construct an opposing viewpoint that will allow this post to proceed into meaningful discussion!


Uh... he didn't take millions of dollars in bribes. That's a start. Now, who will debate the master of the written word?! Because I can tell you where to find him.

09 May, 2006 21:01  

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