Friday, June 16, 2006

Permanent Change of Station

Well, I tried posting from the hotels as we travelled cross-country, but it didn't work out. Slow connection or something, but it wasn't much. We're safe in Jacksonville, but not quite finished with the transition. The move took most of the day on Friday the 9th, which should've given me a clue as to the nature of the company I was dealing with. As a result, we decided to wait until Saturday morning to get started on the drive to Florida.

We only managed about 330 miles. It was pouring when we left Rhode Island. I was driving the Hashmobile packed with most of our luggage and the cats, Logan and Rogue. Red was driving Ziggy with Jack, Mom-in-Law, most of the junk the movers wouldn't take (booze, explosives, etc.) and the kayaks strapped to the roof. You can imagine the crosswinds were hell on her the whole way. Turns out that "hand-tight" isn't tight enough for those racks, either; we nearly lost the boats on the New Jersey Turnpike! So we lost some time fixing that and stopped in Perryville, MD.

The next day we made it about 490 miles all the way to Florence, SC, home of the accidental atomic bombing of South Carolina, which sounds way cooler than South of the Border. We pulled into Jacksonville on Monday afternoon, only to discover we couldn't move into our house until Saturday because our household goods had not yet left Connecticut.

Anyhow, WiFi has been available, but time limited due to baby and now visiting Kiddo. I just reported to USS HALYBURTON this morning and clearly have my work cut out for me. Hope to keep the the anyone who is interested informed, but the only time alone for thoughtful blogging I've gotten in a week due to family concerns has been this five minutes I've just spent sitting in the parking lot of Panera in my whites in the car.

Thanks all for the comments, I'll try to update as I get time and hope to blog the deployment depending on connectivity.

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Blogger Lone Pony bloody well said...

Very glad you made it ok. Traveling with a baby is difficult. Thanks for keeping us informed!

18 June, 2006 07:05  
Blogger Crazy Politico bloody well said...

Hope the HHG delivery goes well, and that everything is in one, or the right number of pieces.

18 June, 2006 09:26  
Blogger Little Miss Chatterbox bloody well said...

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!

18 June, 2006 14:47  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin bloody well said...

Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop. I still think it's great that you serve our country and God Bless you and yours for what you do for us. Being in the military is tough on families -- I was a military "toured the country" brat and saw USAF bases, mostly WPAFB in Ohio.


20 June, 2006 14:06  
Blogger fetching jen bloody well said...

congratualtions on the baby! My "baby" is at the Naval Academy right now for a summer session... it will be interesting to hear what he thinks...
good luck to you!

20 June, 2006 17:09  
Blogger Gayle bloody well said...

Mercy, RS... almost losing your Kayaks on the New Jersey Turnpike must have been quite scary. I'm very glad everything worked out okay.

Moving is never fun. It can be an exciting adventure, for sure, but all the little miniscule details that have to be taken care of are never fun. I should know... I've done a whole bunch of it.

Glad you are there and even more glad everyone got there safely. Thanks for keeping us posted!

21 June, 2006 17:20  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Turns out my 36" TV, couch and futon were destroyed in the warehouse before they even got on the truck. Should have the remainder of my property by Friday afternoon, however. Red is livid and pretty much handling the household on her own while I'm in the middle of big turnover stuff here on the ship.

Rough week, but we'll pull through. Turns out there will be limited connectivity underway. Time will be equally limited...

21 June, 2006 18:18  

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