Monday, August 07, 2006

Holiday Routine

I really have to learn to stop thinking about things to post right before I have meetings. Today we’re having some well-deserved holiday routine. You may say, but Robo, you just got done with two days of liberty in Valparasio, Chile, you just had a holiday.

Well, sure if you want to be pedantic. I did make some non-restful choices, however. The first night in, ORDO, 1st LT, two midshipmen and I met up with our karaoke buddies from the Araucano for dinner before getting wined and dined (mainly wined) at the Chilean Naval Club, then out with our friends to discotheques all night long. I arrived back at the ship that night at 0500… Woke up at 0830 to go on a wine tour (should’ve gone skiing, ended up spending about as much and would’ve had a better time, but done less shopping). Steak dinner later on and an early night on Friday.

Since we got underway in the afternoon yesterday, I ended up standing the reveille watch (0200-0700), which worked out pretty well with not much going on yesterday or this morning and time to rest up.

So with all that down time, why holiday routine today? Well it’s normal practice in most ships to have holiday routine on Sundays and federal holidays whenever operational commitments allow. There’s no quarters or mustering, few meetings, lay services and we get to take it easy a bit for the day. With the last month or so of zooming around the southeast Pacific with several of our closest South American allies for UNITAS 06, the schedule has been packed too tight for that kind of thing.

I don’t know how long ago, probably since the last time I did UNITAS four years ago, the other countries that participated said that there was too much down time. So in the planning process for this one, the schedule was packed so tight that it was impossible to do everything. At the debrief, the other countries said that maybe that was a bit too much. I agree, it was miserable; but outside the liferails we looked pretty good. The other navies involved (Spain, Peru and Chile) were impressed with our performance, even though we were hard on ourselves.

Ooh, the second class association is selling no-shave chits on the mess decks! I’m going to get one of those! It’ll give me an excuse to grow my mustache back. That’s usually how it starts. Then Red tolerates it for a while and finally tells me to get rid of it. It’s the Circle of Facial Hair. I showed my watchteam in the Combat Information Center (CIC) my military ID with the mustache I had two years ago and they couldn’t comprehend its awesomeness.

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Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden bloody well said...

08 08 06

So you are back eh? What was so weird about your blog was that I couldn't access the homepage but the older posts were always accessible. I am glad you are back and alive. I know you aren't religious, but I have been praying for you this whole time, and saw that you were in Peru. Take Care and I am sending positive thoughts to you, Red and the Baby:)

08 August, 2006 19:18  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Thanks Mahndisa, it's good to be back, however sporadically. And Red and Jack are back in Florida, doing just fine!

12 August, 2006 12:14  

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