Saturday, September 09, 2006

Feeding the Trolls

Always a bad idea.

I dislike anonymous posting, which is not to say you can't, but I'd prefer you to act like a functional member of society if you do. You will notice that I am not anonymous. Though I use the name "Robosquirrel" online, that name is very much associated with Matthew T. Armstrong and my name is right there at the top of the blog. One has only to Google me to find many things I've posted and written over the last ten years.

Anonymous said:
My Dad was a Chief Engineer but retired a Captain (OCS) [and how disappointed he must be in you], you have to be an academy grad [University of Minnesota. When you assume, you make an ass out of you and... just you] because the real guys do not complain or talk the smack that you talk. [Unlike anonymous Internet trolls. Apparently in your illustrious career of being related to an honorable retired veteran, you've never interacted with a U.S. Navy Sailor.] Why your wife puts up with you? [Well, I'm a dynamo in the sack. And I give great foot rubs.]..... who knows? She must be a trained MONKEY. [This would bother me if you had the balls to say this to my face. Or if you could spell] You are nothing but a floating alcoholic. [You live in your mother's basement and masturbate to Dog Fancy, as long as we're belching ad hominems; to each his own. I prefer "beer enthusiast".] Better watch your step. CO get's ["gets"] wind of this and it might be Captains Mass, [You mean Captain's "Mast"? I have done nothing unbecoming of an officer or in any way violating the orders of those appointed over me. I occassionally express annoyance with coworkers. I have neither the time or
inclination to provide you the education you so obviously lack. Your dad was in the Navy and so you're an expert? You're an idiot, know-it-all Navy brat. If your father learned any military bearing, as I'm sure he did, apparently none of it rubbed off on you. Why you don't you sign on the dotted line and try busting rust in a bilge and then we'll talk, you coward.]
oh wait? He's probably a Grad too [You mean my CO, former Navy quarterback, CDR Bill Bryne? Somebody has to be.]..... ooop's, all's it will take to clear things up and get you off the hook will be a good cigar! LOL!! [What, are you twelve?]
For the record, the views expressed on People Covered in Fish are no way endorsed by the United States Navy, or my ship. They are mine and mine alone. As I've always said, this space is for me to write about things that vex me, so there will be occassional venting, sarcasm and hosility. The bottom line is that you, Anonymous, don't know me, nor are you remotely qualified to judge the quality of my, or anyone else's, service, let alone to call my wife names. Go piss up a rope.

Thank you, drive through.



Blogger reddog bloody well said...

Couldn't agree more. You have the right to say pretty much anything you want in our society, the least you can do is own up to it.

I never edit comments on my blog, unless they are spam. It bothers me though, when people unload a bunch of vitriole at me and won't identify themselves.

Anonymous commenters are the little brothers of terrorists.

09 September, 2006 15:35  
Blogger Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden bloody well said...

09 11 06

Damn boy!!!! You got em good; I always wondered how you might apply your wit to trolls and here is a great example! hehehehehe You go Matthew! BTW this is a special day and since you are out there fighting for our liberties, I figured I would drop you a line and say hey. I am sending positive thoughts your way:)

11 September, 2006 15:18  

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