Monday, April 30, 2007


Dear Georgia, Will you please stop being on fire now? I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle on account of all the dang smoke.

The visibility here in Mayport dropped to the extent that I can't see the aircraft carrier on the other side of the basin, and this has happened periodically over the last few weeks, depending on the direction of the wind. OK, I'm not living in Waycross, needing to be evacuated from my home, but there are wildfires cropping up west of Jacksonville as well, not to mention that I live about a half hour south of the Georgia border.

Here in Jax, it's all about the smoke, though. It varies in degree to a little brownish and hazy to "I can't see 50 feet in front of me". We came into port two weeks ago with our low visibility detail manned up and sounding one prolonged blast on our ship's whistle every two minutes.

Conditions remain exceptionally dry and therefore are impeding the revival of my lawn and raising the ire of my homeowners' association, to whom I say, "Sit and spin." Frankly, I'll be happy if my house doesn't spontaneously combust.

Anyway, don't worry about us, we're fine, not on fire and going about the business of keeping from being on fire.

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Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin bloody well said...

I trained at FLETC outside Brunswick, GA, and was amazed to note now swampy and thick the vegetation was a few feet off the roadways. It still amazes me: how can swamps burn??


01 May, 2007 13:14  

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