Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nothing Between the Lines to Read

I am fundamentally puzzed by people's need to blame people other than the perpitrators for the tragic events they cause, I assume that those people are somehow trying to extract meaning from the meaningless. In my experience, this results in confusion and misinformation more than anything else. The Cynical-C blog pretty much says it all on the VT massacre, as far as I'm concerned.

Some people are going on and on about lack of gun control being the problem. Personally, I'm with Fred Thompson, who is the other guy who probably won't run for President for whom I'd like to vote:
Whenever I've seen one of those "Gun-free Zone" signs, especially outside of a school filled with our youngest and most vulnerable citizens, I've always wondered exactly who these signs are directed at. Obviously, they don't mean much to the sort of man who murdered 32 people just a few days ago.
(Tin Foil Hat Tip: Born Again Redneck)

But this is driven by an anti-gun control agenda (or support of the Second Amendment, if you like), which I am in favor of. Perhaps it's a counter-arguement to the folks pushing gun control on account of this, but it still makes me uneasy that people are using these people's deaths to sell something.

Why blame anyone other than the crazy dude with the gun for this tragedy? What special meaning does any of these people hope to find in this event? What sort of decrepit evil does it take to use the event as a means of pushing an agenda? It was like blaming KMFDM for Columbine. I dig me some KMFDM, and I don't even own a gun, much less feel like shooting people.

Y'know, unless they're terrorists.

"Now Sid, don't you blame the movies, movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative!" - Skeet Ulrich as Billy Loomis in Scream

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Anonymous Anonymous bloody well said...

I own two guns, and no way am I about to go shoot people. The gun-control crowd doesn't really get it. They want to blame the gun instead of the murderer. good analysis.

22 April, 2007 09:25  
Anonymous Anonymous bloody well said...

Oh and I notice your blog says you're reading Atlas Shrugged. Excellent choice. One of the best books I've ever read. Very libertarian and very anti-government.

22 April, 2007 09:45  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin bloody well said...

I'll wager that Fred IS going to run -- but he'd best announce within the next month, at most, or the chance will pass him by.


26 April, 2007 15:03  

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