Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Good grief, it turns out I was a terrorist target:
Six foreign-born Muslims were arrested and accused Tuesday of plotting to attack the Army's Fort Dix and massacre scores of U.S. soldiers — a plot investigators say was foiled when the men took a video of themselves firing assault weapons to a store to have the footage put onto a DVD.
...They also allegedly spoke of attacking a Navy installation in Philadelphia during the annual Army-Navy football game, when the place would be full of sailors, and conducted surveillance at other military installations in the region.
The guy giving the press conference just said they missed a golden opportunity during the Army-Navy game and that they were surveilling the ships inport. One of those was my ship. I hope it was our menacing force protection posture that discouraged them from thinking we were a soft target.

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Blogger shoprat bloody well said...

I'm glad they were caught before they harmed any of our military personnel here in the states.

They were fanatical but stupid. I fear the fanatical but intelligent ones.

10 May, 2007 21:05  

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