Saturday, May 05, 2007

Webcomics = Terrorism

OK, this is way over the top.

Matt Boyd, writer for the completed web comic MacHall, and now Three Panel Soul, was recently fired from his job where he was working under a government contract. He was overheard by a fearful coworker while discussing the purchase of a rifle for paper target practice, around the same time as the VT shootings. The coworker reported this and he was promptly fired, without even the opportunity to clean out his desk.

Three Panel Soul began a short series of comics about the events here.

Some of his former coworkers saw these comics and called them in as a threat, and later Matt was visited by four police detectives at his home. The coworkers also claimed the woman pictured in comic #21 resembled one of them, apparently unaware that Matt does not create the art for the strip. The comics were called a borderline terroristic threat.

I'm sorry Matt worked with hypersensitive whiners, it's a shame about his job. Is this the sort of work environment people with real jobs deal with every day? I'm glad I'm allowed to play with multi-million-dollar weapon systems for a living.

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Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin bloody well said...

Those with hypersensitivity, with no common sense, with the gain turned to 10 with regard to the most minute of perceived slights, with their entire life revolving around playing the victim -- they'll likely not be happy until we're all robots on the job and off.

There is no perspective, no rationality, no proportion any more.

And how will you, you hypersensitive assholes, fare whilst praying to Mecca five times a day, eh?


05 May, 2007 19:42  

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