Thursday, June 07, 2007


I dropped ten pounds in two days. That can't be healthy. That might explain why I feel like crap right now. Or it could be the chest cold I've been fighting. Or perhaps a hangover from hashing yesterday.

Who knows? It's a mystery.

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Blogger Gyrobo bloody well said...

Yes. That's probably not healthy.

You should try to gain it all back in half that time, to balance it out.

14 June, 2007 22:47  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin bloody well said...

Yeah. Just like me.


16 June, 2007 19:56  
Anonymous Anonymous bloody well said...

Hmm. Well I didn't do anything that damaging, but I did get shot in the ass paintballing. Does that count?

Oh boy, I gotta go stand up, my "wound" is playing up on me...

17 June, 2007 08:20  
Anonymous Anonymous bloody well said...

I hate you so much. Just so much. This is the most self pitying, pathetic, inept piece of drivel that I have ever read. Do yourself a favor and end it all. Scratch that, do ME a favor and end it all.

17 June, 2007 18:40  

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