Friday, October 12, 2007

Packs of Wild Dogs

Just to let anyone who's interested know that I made it home yesterday to Jacksonville from Salaverry, Peru. I was pretty wiped out after about 24 hours total between leaving the ship and touching down in Jacksonville International Airport.

When we arrived in Salaverry, I realized once again that just because cruise ships visit a port doesn't make it paradise. Interestingly, the NCIS told us that one of the primary dangers of this port was (I am not making this up) packs of wild dogs.

Salaverry is a port surrounded by a shanty town just outside Trujillo, the second-largest city in Peru. All the liberty to be had was reportedly in Trujillo, but I was only out for one day - at my farewell. It would also have been my relief's hail (hence the traditional name for the get-together "hail and farewell"), however no one knew where he was. We half expected him to show up the last day in port beaten, bleeding and filthy, probably missing a shoe, dragging a suitcase with a trail of skivvies behind him and say, "No one picked me up at the airport!" as he limped up the brow. Luckily, he is a smart and resourceful person and arrived the next day with plenty of time for a good turnover as Chief Engineer.

I left the ship right before it got underway and spent most of the day sitting at the Trujillo airport reading "Sourcery" by Terry Pratchett and waiting for the restaurant and shops to open so I could eat something and buy a phone card to call my wife. Then flew to Peru for a red-eye flight to Atlanta and then a quick hop down to Jacksonville.

So I'm home for two weeks and enjoying doing nothing almost as much as I miss being the Engineer. Luckily, I get to do it again in a couple of months and get to spend the intermediate time playing with my son and spending time with my wife. It's already been an eventful couple of days and I'm just getting up to speed on what the hell is going on in America, as well as becoming reacquainted with my family.

I just started monkeying around with MySpace, by the way, but there's not much there.

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Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin bloody well said...

Cool, welcome back, thanks for your service and enjoy your family!!


16 October, 2007 16:14  
Blogger Nicki bloody well said...

Robo, forget myspace. It's complicated, irritating and bloated with extraneous crap. Get thee to Facebook, and then find me! :-D


23 October, 2007 10:19  
Blogger Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Actually, I'm on Facebook, too!

... which I find just as complicated and goofy as MySpace.

23 October, 2007 11:23  

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