Friday, November 30, 2007

Achievements in Tolerance

I liked the comments I got yesterday regarding the crime and punishment of Gillian Gibbons, because they were shining examples of the air of political correctness and non-confrontationalism that has overtaken the discourse on terrorism and politics.

Why doesn't anyone ever tell these bloody savages they have to be sensitive toward schoolteachers who make innocent mistakes? Why don't they have to be concerned about insulting our cultural sensibilities? I think it's condescending to the Sudanese to not expect from them what they seem to expect of us. Why do we treat them like children not capable of dealing with such concepts?

I am all out of patience for the uncivilized bastards that apparently represent the majority of the Religion of Peace. If I meet a Muslim on the street, I will treat him as I would any other person until given a reason to do otherwise. I will judge him on the content of his character and by his actions. I will buy him a smoothie if I make friends with him. That doesn't change my view of Islam in particular and religion in general as a tool to keep people from thinking for themselves and acting in their own best interests.

The only thing attempting to understand and tolerate the insanity perpetrated by fanatical Muslims has earned us is 50 years of death and destruction, but in small, tolerable, forgettable doses (until 9/11 finally got our attention). Wouldn't I love avoiding entanglements with other countries like George Washington cautioned, unfortunately the world has gotten much smaller than it was then and the nations of the Earth only grow more and more interdependent. I reluctantly acknowledge that requires an active interest in foreign affairs, but it doesn't require that we tolerate cruelty and murder.
Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the incident in the Bible (as reported in Twain's Letters from the Earth) in which God sends bears to maul 50 children for making fun of a man's bald head.

Unfortunately for the kids, the man was a prophet.

The Moral: Don't judge all followers of a faith by it's harshest adherents.
More and more, it seems Islam's harshest adherents make up the majority of its adherents. The only thing non-judgementalism achieves is indecisiveness. Religion, schmeligion. This has less to do with religion than it does a cult of death and fanaticism hell bent on world domination. The current military dictatorship in Sudan overthrew the previous government with establishing a caliphate as one of its stated goals. That's a theocratic dictatorship, simply put, which bent under international pressure, even though they've been getting away with this kind of thing for years.

Thousands of this cult's "harshest adherents" are demonstrating in Khartoum demanding the head of Gillian Gibbons. Perhaps it will all go away with a little bit of understanding and tolerance. I hope there's somebody protecting her, because for the next two weeks, as she serves her reduced sentence of 15 days in a Sudanese prison. Her life will be in danger until she is deported, perhaps even after - some British Muslims are even demanding harsher punishment.

I'm sure groveling for forgiveness at her egregious offense has been a tremendous help so far. Perhaps she's learned her lesson to be more sensitive when it comes to religion (Tin Foil Hat Tip: Newsbusters), maybe cutting her head off will really put her in her place.

This one's funny:
Tolerance s*cks said...

I like your initiative for greater religious understanding (Your new pet).

I will adopt a gay child and name him Jesus.

Maybe we can arrange a play-date?
To these two I said:
Robosquirrel bloody well said...

Anon, where are the Muslims denouncing the harsh insanity of it's "extremists"? I'd not be surprised if they are unreported and obscured by the MSM - people who want others to be nice to each other don't make the news much. However, if they wanted to be heard, they could be heard.

Here is the statement from CAIR, for example: *crickets*

tolerance: That's pretty funny, I laughed out loud at that! BUT - The hell with religious understanding. I understand that the belief in imaginary, capricious, vengeful beings leads to innocent schoolteachers being whipped and killed by crazy people. Religion is an excuse for people to do unnatural things to each other and a crutch for people of weak character.

Belief in whatever you want, as far as I'm concerned, but when it encroaches upon my or anyone else's right to exist or act in productive self-interest, then we have a problem.
There is respecting the beliefs of others, and then there is turning a blind eye. We've been boning Africa for years by ignoring and paying lip service to the atrocities that happen there. Sudan needs to know in no uncertain terms that they are on our list of things to do.

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Blogger Tony bloody well said...

I'm with you on this. I don't care what people want to believe or do to themselves in the name of their God. But when they start imposing their own belief onto others, that's unacceptable. The punishment must fit the crime, but there must first be a crime.

I'm not convinced that this behavior represents a majority of Muslim thinking. It doesn't matter. The majority permits it to continue. (Caveat: easier said than done, of course.) When a country indulges its own ignorance, that does not mean I have to respect that. I will not concede any validity below a baseline of civility and individual rights.

01 December, 2007 10:12  
Blogger Bloviating Zeppelin bloody well said...

"More and more, it seems Islam's harshest adherents make up the majority of its adherents."

And therein lies the huge rub. Which is precisely why I write that "Islam IS what Islam DOES."


26 December, 2007 11:44  

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