Sunday, March 09, 2008

Everybody Relax, I'm Here.

In case you were wondering, I've been inactive because of the amount of work I've had to do getting set up with my new department and ship. There's always that period of adjustment and for me, it's about two months to really get things going the direction I want them.

Anyway, I'f you've been reading the news, you'd know my time is occupied with keepign the world safe for democracy:

Cole replaced off Lebanon by two US warships: official
WASHINGTON (AFP) — Two US warships have taken up position in the eastern Mediterranean off Lebanon, replacing the USS Cole, a US Navy official said Wednesday.

The Cole, an Aegis destroyer that was attacked and nearly sunk by suicide bombers in Yemen in 2000, was headed to the Gulf after transiting the Suez Canal, canal authority officials said.

"The USS Cole was relieved by the USS Ross and the USS Philippine Sea in the eastern Mediterranean," the navy official said.

The Ross is an Aegis-guided missile destroyer and the Philippine Sea is a cruiser.

"It's a sign of our commitment to stability in the region," said Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman.

The Cole was deployed to waters off Lebanon to signal US concern over a protracted political crisis in Lebanon.

Feuding between a western-backed parliamentary majority and the Syrian and Iranian-backed opposition has left the country leaderless since November.

So forgive the inactivity - connectivity at sea is iffy and loading Blogger is 50% at best. Should really switch over one of these days. Not to mention OPSEC concerns. I'll post when able.

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